I Have Been Busy


August 21, 2018

Well, it has been a long time since I was writing on blogosphere with no paid tasks to work with why should I? Oh I’m just kidding sometimes it is better to stay silent than being narcissist like some people do each day. With the couple of months I’ve been away, I’d like to think to myself, I have been busy with my new job. Its part time but dang why I didn’t find a job sooner? Days and months are going by so quickly just like my son Charles’ 10 birthday next month. He’s also a 4th grader now, an honor student on his 3rd grade and best in Mathematics not to brag about it is just how proud I am. Still on the Gifted and Talented Program which only few students are selected in each grade level, lets say smarty pants. 

Anyway, Charles’ is almost as tall as me and probably catching up on my weight. One time he tried to jumped on my back we both fell to the ground and hit his back on his drum set. Only a few minor scratches for both of us though it could have been worse since the metal on the cymbal was sticking out. Nonetheless, how’s your summer been? Mine, as I recall we watched a Babymetal concert in Kansas City. Spent a few days in Branson, Missouri. Stayed at the Grand Victoria, which isn’t so grand after all. Went to see the Titanic Museum, boat Ride the Ducks, oh how I was terrified just to think about it being on the water. I don’t know how to swim at all and neither does my hubby. A few weeks after, I saw the news about the boat ride that sank and claimed many lives. It was heart wrenching to watched knowing it could possibly happen during our boat ride as it was my biggest fear when I stepped inside the boat. 

Hmm what else I’ve done over these past few months, all I know is; it is very tiring when I work 7 or 8 hours. I usually stay up late then but now after 7 I’m already in bed or am I just getting old?