Manila Bay Ihaw-Ihaw


July 14, 2017

When you’re in a rush to get back home finding fast-food can be daunting in the city when you are really hungry. Just the other day, we were looking for Popeyes so we could just get our food and eat in the car while driving and not have a sit-down meal as we have time to get home before the vet closes. While looking for signs on the road still no Popeyes so what about Manila Bay Ihaw-Ihaw, I suggested as we‘re getting closer to Bannister. Well, Doug was kind of ummm I really want to get home and we have to wait for our food but we ended up at Manila Bay anyhow. What a coincidence, the restaurant started a buffet Wednesday so we did not have to wait for our food what a win win situation for all of us. As always, the dishes on the buffet tasted very delicious and I am still thinking about their Pakbet. My Pakbet tasted really good when I cook it but theirs was the best hands down. The Chicken Curry was a hit with my hubby as he likes spicy foods. Mac N’ Cheese was Charles’ favorite and so was their Pork Adobo paired with rice as always. Dang, I felt miserable in the car after eating those foods but I am not complaining when the foods tastes really delicious. 

Pancit, Chicken Curry and Pork BBQ

Dinuguan, Mac N Cheese, and Fried Chicken

Pakbet (Vegetable Medley) and Grilled Fish

Pork Adobo

Chocolate Chips and Oatmeal Cookies

Banana Bread and Spring Rolls

Anyway, we got back home before the vet closes at 5:30 pm to pick up Chase. While I was waiting in the car I saw an old woman carrying a crate of her pet inside. Geez, having a pet is just like having a child. Dropping and picking up your pet at vet and day care center for you child before you go to work. I am still not a big fan of having a pet around the house and I don’t think my perception will change as days go by. Even when my hubby always asked me; how could you not loved Chase, he’s adorable, everybody likes dogs. Not me, pets like dogs are cute though I don’t want to have them around the house. I don’t mind giving Chase his bath or trimming his nails. Does it makes me feel I’m a bad person for not liking or wanting dogs around absolutely! I just don’t want a pet that’s my pet peeve. 


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