I Had My Anxiety


June 6, 2017

It will be three years this July since I got my driver license. As far as myself driving the car I think I am doing a pretty good job behind the wheel. I haven’t driven the car trough a red light and most of all, I obey traffic signs and speed limits on the road. Being a driver can be annoying when the driver will cut in front of you only a few feet away and will drive slower than the speed limit. Also, it could be scary when the other driver is not paying attention to where they are going. 

Just recently, I was on my way home, first car on the stop light (one lane across) and the flatbed truck beside me was on the left turn lane only. When the lights turned green I drove across the other lane (straight & right turn only) when I noticed the flatbed truck just passed me by. It was too close when I realized I almost got in a wrecked if I haven’t stepped on the brake and honked at the other driver. Since he was also driving towards my lane even when he was on the left turn lane only and blinkers on. 

With this incident I had my anxiety, I was hardly able to sleep the night the day it happened thinking I might be in the wrong lane so I drove back the next day to checked it out. But anyway, I’m doing just fine since that nearly accident. I have been enjoying the warm weather despite muggy temperatures these past few days. My son Charles’ got to go to World’s of Fun when his dad took some of his wrestlers to a fun-filled day trip for the team but I didn’t go and stayed home instead. 

Well, I am glad Charles went to World’s of Fun as he kept on talking about his rides like The Mamba and the tallest roller coaster non-stop since they got back home. Looks like Charles really had fun this time around with a Fidget Spinner after the tallest ride on the roller coaster was such a delightful toy for him to have.


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