January 14, 2016

I Am Looking Forward This Year Has To Offer

What a disappointing couple of weeks we had to end our New Year. As you all know, if you have been reading my blogs, I blogged about my son getting a Pug for Christmas as one of his Christmas presents. Well, my husband found a Pug online somewhere in Baltimore, Maryland, paid the person through Moneygram, then the delivery date was December 27, 2015. When the delivery date arrived the person was asking more money for the crate fee and pet insurance. 

While checking the website where supposed we are getting the puppy from had a warning about scammers making money using their website. My husband is smart enough to realize he got scammed online and the money was already gone before the Pug arrived supposedly. Of course, I was very sad, annoyed and cried the morning I found out there was something wrong with the Pug. We could have saved the money or buy a Michael Kors handbag, watch, or shoes from DSW I wanted though my husband was very persistent in getting the Pug for Charles. 

Now, he still wants to get a Pug for Charles, but this time I will be very firm not to get one. Even though there are newly born Pugs closer to where we live I don’t want any. Having a pet in the house is just like having another child around. Then when we are out of town the Pug can’t stay with us then we have to pay for boarding, wow what a waste of money I think. Though there are plenty of things to look forward to this year. Tomorrow, my son, Charles is receiving an Academic Award in an assembly at school. 

It was supposed to be a surprise for him but he opened the letter from his teacher that was addressed to us. Well, he was curious to find out what was the letter for, he thought he might in trouble so he opened it, but we already talked about it not opening letters when it is not addressed for him. Also, I will be celebrating my 36th birthday next week, I already know where I wanted to eat which is Abuelos, one of my favorite restaurants. Most of all, I am looking forward this year has to offer for me and my family. 

Also, it is more than a year now since I got my driver license. My biggest fear of being the first car on the stop light which I dreaded the most now I never thought I would enjoyed the most racing the next car beside me. Then the trips that we are going whether to watch NASCAR races or even driving to Chicago, Illinois, to renew my passport. Yup! I am planning to renew my passport so we could visit to the Philippines, and Charles is looking forward to see the beach and pick up seashells. Hopefully by then Charles will forget to ask his most famous question; are we there yet? Even though we only left the garage, haha. It’s a long flight and he gets bored easily so this can be a problem as well.

Fender Locking Tuners

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