Not Easy To Say The Least


September 12, 2016

These past couple of weeks has not been very easy for me to say the least. As I recalled the time period, I was at Wal-Mart to use the bathroom without realizing I went to the men’s restroom. I just noticed it when I was done and saw the sign outside the restroom. Though when I was inside the bathroom washing my hands I noticed the person beside me looked like a guy, with long hair and a beanie on his head as I thought. I don’t know what he’s thinking either seeing me on the same bathroom as I was mortified. My heart was beating so quickly after the mishap that I went through. 

Then another grocery shopping trip to Wal-Mart I forgot my husband’s milk but never bothered to go back to the store to get it. Another trip to Wal-Mart to get our groceries I forgot my husband’s cold medicine, and my sleeping pills. This time I went back to the store to get it back as it is quite a bit of money that I paid for them. Luckily, the cashier was still the same person during my checkout and handed to me what I had forgotten earlier. On my next grocery shopping trip to Wal-Mart I thought it was very successful as I had used price matched using my newfound favorite app, Flipp. Until I noticed on the receipt of four toilet papers instead of two. 

Of course, I went back to the store next day and gave me my money back without asking too many questions. For this week’s trip from Wal-Mart when I was driving on my way home, the  Service Engine Soon warning light; showed up in my dashboard. What the heck? Every time I go to the store there’s always a problem from one thing to another. Maybe for our next grocery shopping trip I will tell my husband to do the shopping and see what problems occurs on his trip.


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