Dodge Challenger R/T


September 22, 2016

Dealing with problems from one thing after another is giving me anxiety. Just the other day, when I was driving to pick up my son at school, I noticed a weird sound inside the car so I pulled over to check what’s going on. Of course, my heart was beating so fast thinking what could be the problem as I turned down the air button and the noise was still there. When I got out the car the window behind the drivers side was down and when I tried to rolled it up it didn’t work. Another car repair and it is quite expensive to fix car windows which we have no allotted budget for this month. 

Its just frustrating when something like this occurs. But anyhow, my car has to be fixed tomorrow so I will be driving my husband’s Dodge Challenger R/T. I drove the car tonight for the first time since we got it to get my boys haircut. I thought I did pretty well even though it was nighttime as I complained I hate driving at night even with my BMW X-5. The Challenger was smooth, a little higher, compared to our old car, Mustang GT, California Special. 

Dodge Challenger

The thought of driving this car was a little nerve racking for me, the buttons when switching gears are different, it has touch screen monitor for satellite radio which I have no intension of using while I’m driving. Though I am looking forward to drive again this car tomorrow when I pick up my son at school then take him out to McDonald’s or Chick-Fil-A which ever he feels like it. 

Beef Kabobs

Anyway, tonight I made Beef Kabobs, and it tasted really good when it was done. Though while the Kabobs were cooking it was smoky inside the house so I had to opened the vent fan and the windows to get the smoke out. Oh my, if I’m the only one in our house cooking this type of food I would probably freaked out when it started smoking. Thank goodness! My hubby was around so I wasn’t worried the alarm will go off.


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