June 9, 2016

Indycar Tickets

I am so looking forward to watch Indycar race at Texas Motor Speedway on Saturday. My sister-in-law, Connie is going with us to watch the race so this is going to be a fun-filled trip and watching the race. Indycar race is different than NASCAR racing but with Indycar tickets much affordable as family pack is hard to get by. Plus, hotdog and drinks included what could you asked for besides the long trip down to Texas. But with my boys on summer break this is our family trip for the summer. Most of all try different foods while we are in Texas and see some cowboys just kidding. 
Indycar Tickets

Parking Pass

Last year, we also had our trip down there just to watched Indycar race and I must say it was a different fun-filled scary experience on the speed limit of 75 mph. Also the weather is perfect which makes our travel safer. 

Melda Software

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