Why Not Indulged on Desserts?


May 13, 2016

While everybody is posting on their Mother’s Day gift on social media I don’t have any except going to a NASCAR Sprint Cup race with my family and my sister‘s-in-law. Though I am still thinking on the amount that we spent eating on Mother’s Day at the Terrace Buffet at Argosy Casino in Kansas City. Food wise, there was nothing special that could jack up the price like seafood; crab legs or shrimp except it was Mother’s Day. Why not indulged on desserts?


German Chocolate Cake


Just a special day for moms that’s why restaurants always take advantage of the opportunity to make more money from customers. With 2 adults and 1 child costs us around $80 not including the tip this amount could get us a week of groceries. Anyway, it was a fun day watching the NASCAR Sprint Cup racing with my family and my sister’s-in-law. The weather was perfect aside from my favorite drivers not winning the race. 

NASCAR Sprint Cup Tickets

Though I would loved to see some wrecks just like in Talladega, that’s what makes the races more exciting to watch. When the race was over, finding where we parked our car was smooth sailing to say the least and so was getting out of traffic. When it comes to Indy Car race we pay for parking and it is way too closer to the track at Texas Motor Speedway which we are going to next month. My husband already bought our tickets without asking my opinion but with drinks and hot dogs included on family pack was hard to pass up. 

Besides, he always says; we need to do something for the summer even if it takes 6 hours on the road driving. Just a few months ago, we went to Tulsa, Oklahoma when my husband watched his favorite band, Iron Maiden in concert while Charles and me stayed at the hotel. When it comes to my husband he’s a go-getter even though I always say no most of the time.


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