Charles' Pug Chase


March 20, 2016

I am very anxious for tomorrow as my Crown Vintage Lasso Western Bootie from DSW will be in the mail. This would be my 4th pair of Crown Vintage brand shoes and I would say I love their shoes. But most of all clearance finds and reward points are such a great combination to buy shoes online. Aside from DSW, I am also loving my Krispy Kreme app rewards points. I have two dozens free glazed doughnuts just by filling out surveys on the receipt. Ibotta and Checkout 51 gives you cash back on some grocery items featured on their apps. Once the cash back are all add up I can buy some more pairs of shoes. 


Anyway, I mentioned from my previous post that my son, Charles is getting a dog. Yes he got one, a Pug and his named is Chase. The next few days Chase will be 3 months old and I asked my husband are you going to celebrate and buy him a cake? He said; no which I thought crazy doing birthdays for dogs.


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