Shopping Can Be Stressful


December 4, 2015

With the holidays just around the corner shopping for Christmas presents can be stressful especially when your kid wants a Go Pro camera and an X-Box 360. Well, he is going to have his dad’s X-Box into his bed room which he is pretty much excited about plus new games that we are buying him. Hopefully, this would entice him to sleep in his room as he already said he is going to stay up late watching television. 

Well, its been a rough week for me having headaches and dizziness all at once especially when I have chores to do around the house. Being sick all the time is very frustrating as I am always stuck in the house. I want to enjoy shopping without worrying myself I am going to pass out at the mall or on the road so I always stay home most of the time. 

Every time I tell Charles I don’t feel very good he always asked me; why you’re always sick? Having migraines is keeping me from doing things I love to do cooking, baking, reading romance novels, shopping, recently driving the car. Never imagined it will gave me pleasure when I parked the car closer to the shops instead of parking the car all the way from the back of the mall. 

Hey, I don’t mind walking but now I know I am brave enough I’ll definitely look for closer parking. Before when I started driving the car my knees were shaking specially when I was the first car on the stop light, not anymore. Now, when I am the first car on the stop light I always say to myself lets go racing to the car next to me, just kidding.


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