These Novels Will Keep Me Busy


August 3, 2015

I had quite a busy weekend. Doug, Charles and I drove all the way to Joplin to look at some Antique Stores just to do something fun the other day. Well, it was about an hour trip to Joplin, found four Antique Stores to keep us busy, Country Pickens, Flamingo Flea Market, Rangeline Antique Mall, and Southside Antique Mall. Southside Antique Mall is by far the best that I have ever been to. This place is clean and smells really good unlike many other stores. All the booths have spacious room so customers can easily walk in and out and the items are perfectly displayed to attract prospective customers. 

Hey, that customer was me as I bought a bunch of romance novels. Imagine 14 books for only $2 others were .40, .50, and .75 cents from the other Flea Market Stores. Isn’t it a great deal? These novels will keep me busy throughout the year as I have a bunch of them. Before, I was bored to death whenever Doug and I went to Flea Markets. Anything with glass I find also very interesting to look at, though I am not planning in collecting any of those in the future. As long as the romance novels I am reading always end up in happily ever after I will stay happy. I also will be ready to always start another book to read, I always look forward to keep the excitement going.


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