Charles' Got His Lego Minecraft Today


August 4, 2015

Oh my goodness only a few days away before school starts. Where did the time go? I’m not looking forward to getting up at 6:30 in the morning and my baby not with me during the day. Well, Charles will be in the First Grade, he is also celebrating his 7th birthday in September and he wants a day off on his birthday which is funny. I told him you don’t get a day off on your birthday even the US President don’t get day off on their birthdays. 

Like every time when I told him you can’t stay up late, then he will asked me why can’t I, mama? Why can daddy stay up late? He also doesn’t like bedtime. His reason, I’m not tired it’s not dark outside, why do I have to go to sleep? So many questions from my little one or he’s offering me a deal so he could sleep in our bed which Doug and I still like having him with us. 

Well for his school supplies we already shopped for them but not his backpack. He still likes his Sklylanders and Hot Wheels backpack from last year, hmmm that’s good! When I was in elementary I always wanted to have a new bag with matching umbrella and my school supplies. I was always real good at taking care of my stuff. For his clothes he has plenty of shirts to wear but not jeans. He’s getting taller yet skinny so finding the right size of waistline and length can be a problem. 

Anyway, Charles is very happy today he got his Lego Minecraft that he’s been waiting for so long then won a Pokemon game against his dad. He’s into Pokemon right now so his dad is teaching him how to play the game. Charles wants to play with other kids where Doug plays Magic tournaments every Thursday and some Fridays. How to handle the game when he wins or losses and interact with other kids around it is what we are wanting him to understand. 


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