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July 13, 2015

With the heavy rains we had over the last few days it seems like it’s not summer yet. The temperature is getting hotter throughout the day and today is not an exception. But before the summer had started we got a chance to make our trip to Fort Worth, Texas, to watch an IndyCar race Firestone 600 at Texas Motor Speedway. Oh my! It was such a very long trip about 8 hours drive which of course Charles never forgot to ask his most famous question, are we there yet? Even when we have not  left Rogers, Arkansas, haha. 

IndyCar Tickets
As far as the IndyCar race fan experienced, hmmm I thought it was okay. NASCAR is by far the best that I ever had experienced. NASCAR race fans are crazy especially when the most famous driver is on the lead, Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Dale, happens to be one of my favorite drivers as well. The crowds are on their feet in every restarts which I found it very enjoying to watch and smile to be such a part of it and being on the racetrack. Tailgating is cool as I could smell the foods they are cooking which I have not seen on our way to the racetrack during the IndyCar race, I thought it was odd not seeing any. 

But the best part of going to watching the IndyCar race was the tickets were very affordable our family packet included free hotdogs and drinks and closer parking for about $20 who wouldn‘t want that? It was our chance to visit Texas. We enjoyed IndyCar race experience, foods, speed limit of 75 mph that’s scares the hell out of me. We also went to Springfield, Missouri, for the fourth of July to watched fireworks. And how disappointed we were when the fireworks display was over it was very short compared to the previous ones it has been. 

Food from Roosters Roadhouse Denton, Texas

Food from Roosters Roadhouse Denton, Texas

Going to Seoul Oriental Market is a must, getting dried fish (bulad-sapsap, barol-galungong) is always on the lists. On our way back home we went to Branson, Missouri, while driving on the road we saw go kart racing so we had to stop by so Charles could ride one of those go karts which made him very happy. He’s been wanting to ride on go karts for a long time riding one was such a pure joy in his eyes and couldn’t wait for his birthday as it is on his lists. 

Charles' Riding Go Kart Branson, Missouri

Joe's Crab Shack Branson, Missouri

Joe's Crab Shack Branson, Missouri

Going to Branson, won’t be a trip without stopping by at Joe’s Crab Shack, with seafood quite expensive what the heck we’re on a trip so we can splurge a little. Most of all I got to shopped at Tanger Outlet which I looked forward to when we visit Branson. The luscious green scenery was stunning driving back home hopefully we could visit Branson again in the fall.


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