Someone Is So Happy Right Now :)


May 19, 2015

My son, Charles has always been a picky eater. But lately, he tries to eat other food rather than asking for burritos, fries and cheeseburgers. Tonight, Doug and I were delighted when Charles ate most of his pork chop and fries from my plate before he got his own plate. Not planning to eat what we had for dinner was on his mind though he had a change of heart, haha. 

Vanilla Ice Cream

Pork Chop and Fries

For dessert, he had vanilla ice cream drizzled with chocolate syrup. Oh my, his dessert looks so delicious but I already had enough sweets for the night. Munching chocolate chip cookies and oreos as my lunch keeps my tummy full. Oh well, I always eat what I want and don’t eat when I don’t feel like it. 

Ever since, I have not put myself on a diet nor exercise but I guess I should be doing them sometime soon. Instead of waiting my son, on the car rider lane I always parked the car at the parking lot and walk to pick him up. Anyway, it has been a good day compared to days I had the past couple of days. My migraines and allergies has been really bad plus getting headaches makes my life miserable. 

At least though someone is so happy right now who gets to play NCAA Football on the X-Box 360. Charles, wanted so long to play football and he was so happy when he won his first game, Missouri Tigers against Oklahoma Sooners. Playing football on X-Box he thinks it is better than Mine Craft.


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