Thank God its Friday!


April 3, 2015

Thank God its Friday! This week wasn’t an easy one for me especially when Charles got back to school after spring break. Getting up each day is not easy. Too many days this week I just don’t want to get up from bed but I have to; to get Charles, ready and prepare his lunch for school. Having a week off for spring break was good though Doug, and Charles, got sick so we stayed in the house and didn’t do any outdoor activities. Besides, the weather hasn’t really been that great rain is always on the forecasts. 

Last week, we had our first severe storm of the season lightning, thunder, and hail, all in one that caused tornadoes in other parts of the State. Well, tomorrow is Charles‘ first soccer game in the morning. Of course, he is very excited and so am I. This is his first game after days of practice with the team so lets see how his team does tomorrow. Mostly, how am I going to watch the game without screaming just like the father at the wrestling camp the other day. 

The way I heard him screaming and so intense towards his son I felt like it could be me in the future, just kidding. Then I realized its kind of embarrassing for the kid I guess, when his dad was screaming louder than the coach. Hopefully tomorrow I can keep myself calm and don’t scream when Charles gets the ball. Of course, I‘ll be happy when he gets it even for just a second and I know he’ll be happy as well. Soccer is one of the sports game that he’s really interested in playing so seeing him play would be fun for the three of us.


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