Wrestling Season Is Over


March 1, 2015

So thankful wrestling season is over which means Doug, can go home after school. With the great season they had finishing second in the State Wrestling Tournament, I told him why don’t you celebrate your birthday with a bang? Just kidding!  Of course, we ate at Copeland’s of New Orleans, and he also got free dessert. 

Buffalo Spring Rolls

Shrimp Magnolia Pasta

Fried Seafood Platter

Well, last Friday, was kind of a busy day for us. After we picked up Charles from school we went to some Flea Markets in Springdale, then we also went to a game store (Bears) in Fayetteville. On our way back home I also stopped by at Manna Oriental Market to get some groceries. While on the highway driving back home snow started falling on the ground which caused a lot of traffic. 

The drivers are driving slower than the posted speed limit even with just snow flurries falling on the ground. Of course, there are lots of drivers who did not have their lights on and I thought it was very annoying even when I am not the one driving our car. When it is already dark you’re supposed to turn on your headlights or else you shouldn’t be on the road driving. 

Well, I have not seen such a traffic jam until Friday evening and thankfully we arrived home safe. Then we’re out again to eat our dinner at Genghis Grill, as Doug, wanted to use his free bowl before its expiration. Charles ate his noodles which he really liked though the desserts are not scrumptious at all. While I had coupons for Krispy Kreme why not get some doughnuts instead? 

Who doesn’t like getting buy one dozen, get dozen free glazed doughnuts which is my favorite ones.


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