Get Rewarded By Watching Television


March 17, 2015

We all know television commercials aren’t too good to be trusted. When I saw Viggle, hmmm I thought it was interesting yet skeptical. Who would want to send products to someone just by tracking which shows you are watching on television? Anyway, I told Doug to download the Viggle app from the app store into his phone but not on my phone as I am not really buying into this crap. 

While I am the master of watching shows on television (according to Doug) I always checked into shows to see how Viggle really works. By watching any show on television you earn points for every minute you watch the show. Well, even when you are not watching you can just checked-in and still earn points. Most of the time you can earn bonus points on certain shows on television which is very good. 

Just a few days ago, I redeemed some of my points in exchanged of the products featured on Viggle Rewards. To be honest, I wasn’t really expecting Viggle was for real until I opened the package yesterday. I was very excited when I saw my Betty Crocker crockpot even though we already have one. 

Now, that Viggle is real I always will make sure to check in every show that I am watching so I can earn points. There are products that I really would like to have which means I need to check-in whenever I watch shows on television. You too can download the app from the app store. Just look for Viggle and see what you think.


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