At Twin Peaks


March 3, 2015

What a disappointing day I had earlier. I was supposed to have my doctor’s appointment when Google maps showed us the wrong direction on our way to the clinic. The clinic where I am supposed to visit has moved to a new address so it is not showing on the Google maps. And it was rush hour and got stuck in the traffic so it was kind of annoying. This Thursday, I will be back again and we know where’s the new clinic is located which is way closer to where we live now. While we’re out we had our dinner at Twin Peaks.

Loved Chips and Cheese Dip

Mom's Pot Roast


Chips and Cheese Dip

Oh my! I was about to backed out when I saw the servers wearing itty bitty tiny tops and short shorts. Their breasts are on display and noticed the servers also sit with the customer’s which is fine with me as long as it’s not on our table as Charles was with us. At least though Charles didn’t ask, are those mountains haha (referring to breasts)?

Anyway, Twin Peaks is a very cool sports bar. We all liked the ambiance, the food was really good and the service as well. Our server liked the smell of my perfume (Dream Angels from Victoria’s Secret) and my coat also which I always gets a lot of compliments from other people (not to brag). When we asked Charles if we will go back again next time he said; yes. No wonder he was into their music playing while we’re in there.


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