We Ended Up at Mojitos


February 5, 2015

I am old school. I still listened to songs that I used to hear growing up in the in the Philippines. This morning, I was watching the Today show, with Kathie Lee Gifford, and Hoda KOTB, when “I Hoda’s Playlist” caught my attention. I do really like the song, Thinking Out Loud, by Ed Sheeran. I have never heard it before so I had to look it up on Youtube, then I played the song over and over again. Ed Sheeran, is a very talented singer. He has a great voice, no doubt about it and now I am a huge fan of him. 

What a great way to start my day, when I listened to his songs while I was browsing on the web. Well, its been a great day even though it was very cold this morning. But over the next couple of days the temperature is getting warmer which means Spring is just around the corner. With Doug’s, Spring break, I suggested we would go to Branson, and stay at the hotel just like last year. I think Doug has a free night stay at the hotel in Republic, when the team stayed for two wrestling tournaments this year. 
Shrimp Kabobs

Charles' Favorite, Chips

Charles' Favorite Salsa

Speaking of wrestling, Charles, and I watched wrestling duals tonight. As usual, Charles, is not really interested in watching wrestling. He was just playing on the iPad since we arrived until we left when the duals were over. When I asked him if he wants to wrestle when he gets older he said; no. I like soccer, but not as goalkeeper. Then we ate at Mojitos, here in town even though Charles, really wanted to eat at Taco Bell. It was two to one vote so we ended up at Mojitos, instead of Taco Bell, Twin Peaks, or Chuy’s. Eating Mexican restaurant is always a hit for Charles, as he likes to eat chips, and salsa. For me, I ordered Shrimp Kabobs, it tasted really good.

Never In My Wildest Dreams Growing Up


February 3, 2015

Never in my wildest dreams growing up in the Philippines did I think I would be driving my own car when I grew up. Well, it has been 6 months now since I got my driver license and I am really enjoying driving my car. The first few months was very nerve racking especially when I am the first one on the stop light. I remember my feet were shaking and my heart kept on beating really fast. 

And, being on a four way stop, I was so afraid waiting for my next turn. Now, each day I drive the car to pick up my son, Charles at school and it is just a breeze. I am more confident behind the wheel and not afraid to step on the gas and leave the cars behind me in the dust, just kidding. The pleasure of driving the car now is I can go to the Asian Store, Walmart, or mall anytime I want to. 

Just like today, Charles, and I, went to the Asian Store to get vegetables, and sweet potatoes. How lucky I am, when the produce that I was looking for at the store had them. As soon as we got back home I cooked my dinner, chicken with papaya and coconut cream. Oh my goodness! The dish tasted really good. Ginger, and green bell pepper adds flavor to the coconut cream. 

Chicken with Papaya & Coconut Cream

Sweet Potatoes (Camote)


How I wish my son, Charles would love to try to eat this type of dish so when we visit to the Philippines, he can enjoy the foods that we used to eat all the time. Not fancy, yet delicious! Even just dried fish, and vegetable (jackfruit) hmmm my favorite.