I Baked Manicotti


January 14, 2015

The alarm sound in the morning how I hate hearing it every weekday especially when I don’t feel very well just like today. But when you’re a mom, you need to get up, keep moving, and do household chores even when at times you don’t feel like doing them (that‘s me). Though over the last two days, I managed to clean both of our bathrooms, changed sheets, laundry, and tonight I made Manicotti for the first time. While prepping for the ingredients, I never realized it needs two 15 oz ricotta cheese containers and I had two boxes of Manicotti. 


Well, I am not that obsessive of a person who would drive to the store just to get another ricotta cheese just to make the taste even better. With the recipe I can make my own twist, its just up to me so I used what I already had and it tasted really good. My Manicotti, reminds Doug, of his favorite Italian restaurant, Valentino‘s, in Omaha, Nebraska. Well, Doug, said; it tasted really good so I will cook it all the time, just kidding. 

Anyway, I do really like cooking. But when I was young I hated doing household chores to a point it made me cry doing them, but not anymore when I have mouths to feed haha. When you love to eat just like I do, I’d rather cook every dish instead of buying frozen meals at the grocery store or even drive thru which I am not fan of. If you think my Manicotti, looks delicious to you, you can make it yourself. Its very easy to make and hassle free. No need to cook the sauce, you just have to pour it from the jar. Anyway, the instructions is on the package of Manicotti box when you buy one.

Molton Brown Soap

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So Love Likes There's No Tomorrow


January 5, 2015

I cannot believe my boy’s winter break is already over. Now, they are back to school which makes the house very quiet during the day. And with the wrestling season in full swing Doug, is gone every weekend which can be difficult when I am not feeling very well just like over this weekend. Well, today I am feeling much better. I got some chores done before I picked up Charles from his school this afternoon. 

Oh my! It was very cold outside even without snow. How much more when we have snow? We’re definitely stuck inside the house as I don’t want to be outside in the cold weather. Aside from doing chores today, I also caught up with my recorded shows on television though I still have more shows to be watched. Watching television shows would keep me busy throughout the day instead of laying in bed. It would be great though if I could go back to sleep anytime I wanted too; but I can’t sleep at all. 

Anyway, you probably know the story of the 7 year old girl plane crash survivor. Isn’t it amazing how she survived from the crash and walked through the woods at night, the temperature was very cold, no shoes, only shirt and shorts? I can’t imagine being her age surviving the crash and having  the courage to ask for help and walk through the woods on a cold dark night. She lost both of her parents, sister, and cousin. Life is really too short when taken away so unexpectedly. So love likes there’s no tomorrow. You’ll never know which day is going to be your last.