Shopping Can Be Stressful


December 4, 2015

With the holidays just around the corner shopping for Christmas presents can be stressful especially when your kid wants a Go Pro camera and an X-Box 360. Well, he is going to have his dad’s X-Box into his bed room which he is pretty much excited about plus new games that we are buying him. Hopefully, this would entice him to sleep in his room as he already said he is going to stay up late watching television. 

Well, its been a rough week for me having headaches and dizziness all at once especially when I have chores to do around the house. Being sick all the time is very frustrating as I am always stuck in the house. I want to enjoy shopping without worrying myself I am going to pass out at the mall or on the road so I always stay home most of the time. 

Every time I tell Charles I don’t feel very good he always asked me; why you’re always sick? Having migraines is keeping me from doing things I love to do cooking, baking, reading romance novels, shopping, recently driving the car. Never imagined it will gave me pleasure when I parked the car closer to the shops instead of parking the car all the way from the back of the mall. 

Hey, I don’t mind walking but now I know I am brave enough I’ll definitely look for closer parking. Before when I started driving the car my knees were shaking specially when I was the first car on the stop light, not anymore. Now, when I am the first car on the stop light I always say to myself lets go racing to the car next to me, just kidding.

Bass Note Chart

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I Am Not A Hoarder


September 13, 2015

The other day, I was about to throw all of my magazines in the recycle bin when I realized I am not yet ready to get rid of all of them. I am not a hoarder, do you think I am with all the piles of magazines I have? Since I was a teen I always wanted to have magazines around I thought they were fancy to have. You might wonder as well why I have all these magazines. Well, I got freebies from my sister-in-law, Good Housekeeping, Woman’s Day, and Ladies Home Journal. I had 2 years free subscription from Brides magazine when I ordered from JustFab, the rest I used My Coke Rewards points for these subscriptions: Cosmopolitan, Oprah, Bon Appetit, Cooking Light, Teen Vogue and All You. Parents magazine I got it for free while I no longer subscribe to any magazines I can just read them up on the web or follow on social media to hear exciting news. 

Anyway, it has been a busy weekend for us my son, Charles had his first soccer game Saturday. Their team lost 5-4, it was such a good game. Charles was way better now than when he first joined soccer this year. Even though Charles didn’t score a goal Charles and I had a deal he got to open one of his birthday presents which he was looking forward to after the game. Well, seems like a lazy day today. Got some cleaning up to do, laundry, got good coupons from JCPenny $10 off on $10 but I don’t feel like going to the mall at this time.

Vba Vision 5 Piece Shell Pack

With Charles' birthday coming up next week I thought it would be a prime time to upgrade his beginner drum kit to a more permanent one. I decided to go with the trusted brand of Pearl. I choose the vba vision 5 piece shell pack and cannot wait to hear Charles start pounding the skins  over the next few weeks.

Charles' Got His Lego Minecraft Today


August 4, 2015

Oh my goodness only a few days away before school starts. Where did the time go? I’m not looking forward to getting up at 6:30 in the morning and my baby not with me during the day. Well, Charles will be in the First Grade, he is also celebrating his 7th birthday in September and he wants a day off on his birthday which is funny. I told him you don’t get a day off on your birthday even the US President don’t get day off on their birthdays. 

Like every time when I told him you can’t stay up late, then he will asked me why can’t I, mama? Why can daddy stay up late? He also doesn’t like bedtime. His reason, I’m not tired it’s not dark outside, why do I have to go to sleep? So many questions from my little one or he’s offering me a deal so he could sleep in our bed which Doug and I still like having him with us. 

Well for his school supplies we already shopped for them but not his backpack. He still likes his Sklylanders and Hot Wheels backpack from last year, hmmm that’s good! When I was in elementary I always wanted to have a new bag with matching umbrella and my school supplies. I was always real good at taking care of my stuff. For his clothes he has plenty of shirts to wear but not jeans. He’s getting taller yet skinny so finding the right size of waistline and length can be a problem. 

Anyway, Charles is very happy today he got his Lego Minecraft that he’s been waiting for so long then won a Pokemon game against his dad. He’s into Pokemon right now so his dad is teaching him how to play the game. Charles wants to play with other kids where Doug plays Magic tournaments every Thursday and some Fridays. How to handle the game when he wins or losses and interact with other kids around it is what we are wanting him to understand. 

Hettich Quadro Drawer Slide

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These Novels Will Keep Me Busy


August 3, 2015

I had quite a busy weekend. Doug, Charles and I drove all the way to Joplin to look at some Antique Stores just to do something fun the other day. Well, it was about an hour trip to Joplin, found four Antique Stores to keep us busy, Country Pickens, Flamingo Flea Market, Rangeline Antique Mall, and Southside Antique Mall. Southside Antique Mall is by far the best that I have ever been to. This place is clean and smells really good unlike many other stores. All the booths have spacious room so customers can easily walk in and out and the items are perfectly displayed to attract prospective customers. 

Hey, that customer was me as I bought a bunch of romance novels. Imagine 14 books for only $2 others were .40, .50, and .75 cents from the other Flea Market Stores. Isn’t it a great deal? These novels will keep me busy throughout the year as I have a bunch of them. Before, I was bored to death whenever Doug and I went to Flea Markets. Anything with glass I find also very interesting to look at, though I am not planning in collecting any of those in the future. As long as the romance novels I am reading always end up in happily ever after I will stay happy. I also will be ready to always start another book to read, I always look forward to keep the excitement going.

IndyCar Race Fan Experienced


July 13, 2015

With the heavy rains we had over the last few days it seems like it’s not summer yet. The temperature is getting hotter throughout the day and today is not an exception. But before the summer had started we got a chance to make our trip to Fort Worth, Texas, to watch an IndyCar race Firestone 600 at Texas Motor Speedway. Oh my! It was such a very long trip about 8 hours drive which of course Charles never forgot to ask his most famous question, are we there yet? Even when we have not  left Rogers, Arkansas, haha. 

IndyCar Tickets
As far as the IndyCar race fan experienced, hmmm I thought it was okay. NASCAR is by far the best that I ever had experienced. NASCAR race fans are crazy especially when the most famous driver is on the lead, Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Dale, happens to be one of my favorite drivers as well. The crowds are on their feet in every restarts which I found it very enjoying to watch and smile to be such a part of it and being on the racetrack. Tailgating is cool as I could smell the foods they are cooking which I have not seen on our way to the racetrack during the IndyCar race, I thought it was odd not seeing any. 

But the best part of going to watching the IndyCar race was the tickets were very affordable our family packet included free hotdogs and drinks and closer parking for about $20 who wouldn‘t want that? It was our chance to visit Texas. We enjoyed IndyCar race experience, foods, speed limit of 75 mph that’s scares the hell out of me. We also went to Springfield, Missouri, for the fourth of July to watched fireworks. And how disappointed we were when the fireworks display was over it was very short compared to the previous ones it has been. 

Food from Roosters Roadhouse Denton, Texas

Food from Roosters Roadhouse Denton, Texas

Going to Seoul Oriental Market is a must, getting dried fish (bulad-sapsap, barol-galungong) is always on the lists. On our way back home we went to Branson, Missouri, while driving on the road we saw go kart racing so we had to stop by so Charles could ride one of those go karts which made him very happy. He’s been wanting to ride on go karts for a long time riding one was such a pure joy in his eyes and couldn’t wait for his birthday as it is on his lists. 

Charles' Riding Go Kart Branson, Missouri

Joe's Crab Shack Branson, Missouri

Joe's Crab Shack Branson, Missouri

Going to Branson, won’t be a trip without stopping by at Joe’s Crab Shack, with seafood quite expensive what the heck we’re on a trip so we can splurge a little. Most of all I got to shopped at Tanger Outlet which I looked forward to when we visit Branson. The luscious green scenery was stunning driving back home hopefully we could visit Branson again in the fall.

Someone Is So Happy Right Now :)


May 19, 2015

My son, Charles has always been a picky eater. But lately, he tries to eat other food rather than asking for burritos, fries and cheeseburgers. Tonight, Doug and I were delighted when Charles ate most of his pork chop and fries from my plate before he got his own plate. Not planning to eat what we had for dinner was on his mind though he had a change of heart, haha. 

Vanilla Ice Cream

Pork Chop and Fries

For dessert, he had vanilla ice cream drizzled with chocolate syrup. Oh my, his dessert looks so delicious but I already had enough sweets for the night. Munching chocolate chip cookies and oreos as my lunch keeps my tummy full. Oh well, I always eat what I want and don’t eat when I don’t feel like it. 

Ever since, I have not put myself on a diet nor exercise but I guess I should be doing them sometime soon. Instead of waiting my son, on the car rider lane I always parked the car at the parking lot and walk to pick him up. Anyway, it has been a good day compared to days I had the past couple of days. My migraines and allergies has been really bad plus getting headaches makes my life miserable. 

At least though someone is so happy right now who gets to play NCAA Football on the X-Box 360. Charles, wanted so long to play football and he was so happy when he won his first game, Missouri Tigers against Oklahoma Sooners. Playing football on X-Box he thinks it is better than Mine Craft.

Hercules Stands

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Pulled Pork


May 14, 2015

I like BBQ ribs rather than pulled pork. But when I tasted my sister-in-law’s pulled pork when we visited, I thought hmmm I would try to make it at home. My hubby likes pulled pork a lot, why not give it a try? Got my new Betty Crocker crockpot that I got from Viggle, by watching television to put it to the test. As soon as I got up this morning I put pork sirloin on the crockpot on low, season with salt and pepper and cooked for about 8 hours. Shredded the meat, added BBQ sauce (Head Country) tasted really good. 

Pulled Pork

Though I was worried at first when I left the house to picked up Charles at school. I have not used the crockpot without me being around the house, leaving it plugged in makes me feel uncomfortable. Got so many what “if” buzzing on my mind. Gladly, Doug, got home before I left so someone is around the house. Cooking on the crockpot makes my life easier as I don’t have to watch it over and over again. Easy to clean because you can use crockpot liner. 

Surely, my Betty Crocker crockpot is going to be my bff. There are tons of recipe that I could try for sure Doug, would love it as well. Well, he always likes when I cook and he always says; it tastes really delicious. When someone is cooking for you, you should be thankful, less complaints haha.

Huge Sale On Instruments

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Afritada & Pancit


May 3, 2015

Few days ago, I cooked Afritada with a new added ingredient to it, raisins. I have not used raisins before so I was wondering what it would taste like. When the dish was cooked it was delicious to eat though Doug, was not a big fan with raisins on it. He just does not like raisins. Charles never tried to eat it either.I also really loved my pancit as did Doug. Rice noodles is not Doug’s favorite type of pancit as he likes the yellow ones. Charles, also likes the bigger noodles better.   



Getting a thumbs down from Charles was just like a big disappointment to me as I have been trying to let him eat more foods. All I hear are: hamburger, fries, and beefy nacho grillers every time Charles, wants to eat. When I told him we are going to visit to the Philippines he asked me if there’s McDonald’s in there. I said; yes. It is much better compared to McDonald’s here in the US. They serve fried chicken, spaghetti, etc. Then he asked me again if they have fries and hamburger. I guess those are the only fast foods that Charles is looking forward to eat once we visits the Philippines. His leftover chicken wings adobo have been sitting in the fridge for many days now and looks like he’s not planning to eat them again. Charles loves the wings but does not want them as leftovers. I guess my boys are both just really picky eaters.

Epic Voucher Codes


April 18, 2015

I do love shopping. With my Spring allergies acting up I have been staying in the house a lot the last couple of weeks. With my allergies slowing me down shopping outdoors can be frustrating. Why make myself miserable when I have the convenience of shopping right from the comfort from my nice allergy free home? I love shopping online especially when I am finding the products that I truly want to buy for myself, family, and friends. 

Of course, I also want to shop and keep within my budget. Finding a deal while shopping is one of those hidden pleasures of life. As an online shopper, I always make sure to use coupons and vouchers when I shop to score great savings on my purchase. You too can enjoy every purchase you have online when you use coupons and vouchers and see how much you can save. I have been looking over the last couple of years for great sites that have coupons and vouchers for my online shopping. 

I recently found a new great website for coupons and vouchers at Shopping via this website is super easy and also great at saving my pocket book. Of course, I am looking forward to check out Lamp Shop Online, Pavers Shoes, and Hotter Shoes. I love to buy shoes as you can see but my online shopping is not focused just on shoes. I also love to shop for clothing, purses and other personal accessories. I am though not the only online shopper in my family.  

My husband, Doug likes to buy t-shirts of his favorite football and wrestling teams. Even my 6 year old son, Charles is constantly looking online for new toys. Of course, Charles cannot order without us doing it for him. I am constantly scared he will get a credit card and buy stuff, he is too smart for his own good sometimes.

Thank God its Friday!


April 3, 2015

Thank God its Friday! This week wasn’t an easy one for me especially when Charles got back to school after spring break. Getting up each day is not easy. Too many days this week I just don’t want to get up from bed but I have to; to get Charles, ready and prepare his lunch for school. Having a week off for spring break was good though Doug, and Charles, got sick so we stayed in the house and didn’t do any outdoor activities. Besides, the weather hasn’t really been that great rain is always on the forecasts. 

Last week, we had our first severe storm of the season lightning, thunder, and hail, all in one that caused tornadoes in other parts of the State. Well, tomorrow is Charles‘ first soccer game in the morning. Of course, he is very excited and so am I. This is his first game after days of practice with the team so lets see how his team does tomorrow. Mostly, how am I going to watch the game without screaming just like the father at the wrestling camp the other day. 

The way I heard him screaming and so intense towards his son I felt like it could be me in the future, just kidding. Then I realized its kind of embarrassing for the kid I guess, when his dad was screaming louder than the coach. Hopefully tomorrow I can keep myself calm and don’t scream when Charles gets the ball. Of course, I‘ll be happy when he gets it even for just a second and I know he’ll be happy as well. Soccer is one of the sports game that he’s really interested in playing so seeing him play would be fun for the three of us.

Blue Voodoo Amp

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Get Rewarded By Watching Television


March 17, 2015

We all know television commercials aren’t too good to be trusted. When I saw Viggle, hmmm I thought it was interesting yet skeptical. Who would want to send products to someone just by tracking which shows you are watching on television? Anyway, I told Doug to download the Viggle app from the app store into his phone but not on my phone as I am not really buying into this crap. 

While I am the master of watching shows on television (according to Doug) I always checked into shows to see how Viggle really works. By watching any show on television you earn points for every minute you watch the show. Well, even when you are not watching you can just checked-in and still earn points. Most of the time you can earn bonus points on certain shows on television which is very good. 

Just a few days ago, I redeemed some of my points in exchanged of the products featured on Viggle Rewards. To be honest, I wasn’t really expecting Viggle was for real until I opened the package yesterday. I was very excited when I saw my Betty Crocker crockpot even though we already have one. 

Now, that Viggle is real I always will make sure to check in every show that I am watching so I can earn points. There are products that I really would like to have which means I need to check-in whenever I watch shows on television. You too can download the app from the app store. Just look for Viggle and see what you think.

At Twin Peaks


March 3, 2015

What a disappointing day I had earlier. I was supposed to have my doctor’s appointment when Google maps showed us the wrong direction on our way to the clinic. The clinic where I am supposed to visit has moved to a new address so it is not showing on the Google maps. And it was rush hour and got stuck in the traffic so it was kind of annoying. This Thursday, I will be back again and we know where’s the new clinic is located which is way closer to where we live now. While we’re out we had our dinner at Twin Peaks.

Loved Chips and Cheese Dip

Mom's Pot Roast


Chips and Cheese Dip

Oh my! I was about to backed out when I saw the servers wearing itty bitty tiny tops and short shorts. Their breasts are on display and noticed the servers also sit with the customer’s which is fine with me as long as it’s not on our table as Charles was with us. At least though Charles didn’t ask, are those mountains haha (referring to breasts)?

Anyway, Twin Peaks is a very cool sports bar. We all liked the ambiance, the food was really good and the service as well. Our server liked the smell of my perfume (Dream Angels from Victoria’s Secret) and my coat also which I always gets a lot of compliments from other people (not to brag). When we asked Charles if we will go back again next time he said; yes. No wonder he was into their music playing while we’re in there.

Wrestling Season Is Over


March 1, 2015

So thankful wrestling season is over which means Doug, can go home after school. With the great season they had finishing second in the State Wrestling Tournament, I told him why don’t you celebrate your birthday with a bang? Just kidding!  Of course, we ate at Copeland’s of New Orleans, and he also got free dessert. 

Buffalo Spring Rolls

Shrimp Magnolia Pasta

Fried Seafood Platter

Well, last Friday, was kind of a busy day for us. After we picked up Charles from school we went to some Flea Markets in Springdale, then we also went to a game store (Bears) in Fayetteville. On our way back home I also stopped by at Manna Oriental Market to get some groceries. While on the highway driving back home snow started falling on the ground which caused a lot of traffic. 

The drivers are driving slower than the posted speed limit even with just snow flurries falling on the ground. Of course, there are lots of drivers who did not have their lights on and I thought it was very annoying even when I am not the one driving our car. When it is already dark you’re supposed to turn on your headlights or else you shouldn’t be on the road driving. 

Well, I have not seen such a traffic jam until Friday evening and thankfully we arrived home safe. Then we’re out again to eat our dinner at Genghis Grill, as Doug, wanted to use his free bowl before its expiration. Charles ate his noodles which he really liked though the desserts are not scrumptious at all. While I had coupons for Krispy Kreme why not get some doughnuts instead? 

Who doesn’t like getting buy one dozen, get dozen free glazed doughnuts which is my favorite ones.

We Ended Up at Mojitos


February 5, 2015

I am old school. I still listened to songs that I used to hear growing up in the in the Philippines. This morning, I was watching the Today show, with Kathie Lee Gifford, and Hoda KOTB, when “I Hoda’s Playlist” caught my attention. I do really like the song, Thinking Out Loud, by Ed Sheeran. I have never heard it before so I had to look it up on Youtube, then I played the song over and over again. Ed Sheeran, is a very talented singer. He has a great voice, no doubt about it and now I am a huge fan of him. 

What a great way to start my day, when I listened to his songs while I was browsing on the web. Well, its been a great day even though it was very cold this morning. But over the next couple of days the temperature is getting warmer which means Spring is just around the corner. With Doug’s, Spring break, I suggested we would go to Branson, and stay at the hotel just like last year. I think Doug has a free night stay at the hotel in Republic, when the team stayed for two wrestling tournaments this year. 
Shrimp Kabobs

Charles' Favorite, Chips

Charles' Favorite Salsa

Speaking of wrestling, Charles, and I watched wrestling duals tonight. As usual, Charles, is not really interested in watching wrestling. He was just playing on the iPad since we arrived until we left when the duals were over. When I asked him if he wants to wrestle when he gets older he said; no. I like soccer, but not as goalkeeper. Then we ate at Mojitos, here in town even though Charles, really wanted to eat at Taco Bell. It was two to one vote so we ended up at Mojitos, instead of Taco Bell, Twin Peaks, or Chuy’s. Eating Mexican restaurant is always a hit for Charles, as he likes to eat chips, and salsa. For me, I ordered Shrimp Kabobs, it tasted really good.

Never In My Wildest Dreams Growing Up


February 3, 2015

Never in my wildest dreams growing up in the Philippines did I think I would be driving my own car when I grew up. Well, it has been 6 months now since I got my driver license and I am really enjoying driving my car. The first few months was very nerve racking especially when I am the first one on the stop light. I remember my feet were shaking and my heart kept on beating really fast. 

And, being on a four way stop, I was so afraid waiting for my next turn. Now, each day I drive the car to pick up my son, Charles at school and it is just a breeze. I am more confident behind the wheel and not afraid to step on the gas and leave the cars behind me in the dust, just kidding. The pleasure of driving the car now is I can go to the Asian Store, Walmart, or mall anytime I want to. 

Just like today, Charles, and I, went to the Asian Store to get vegetables, and sweet potatoes. How lucky I am, when the produce that I was looking for at the store had them. As soon as we got back home I cooked my dinner, chicken with papaya and coconut cream. Oh my goodness! The dish tasted really good. Ginger, and green bell pepper adds flavor to the coconut cream. 

Chicken with Papaya & Coconut Cream

Sweet Potatoes (Camote)


How I wish my son, Charles would love to try to eat this type of dish so when we visit to the Philippines, he can enjoy the foods that we used to eat all the time. Not fancy, yet delicious! Even just dried fish, and vegetable (jackfruit) hmmm my favorite.

I Baked Manicotti


January 14, 2015

The alarm sound in the morning how I hate hearing it every weekday especially when I don’t feel very well just like today. But when you’re a mom, you need to get up, keep moving, and do household chores even when at times you don’t feel like doing them (that‘s me). Though over the last two days, I managed to clean both of our bathrooms, changed sheets, laundry, and tonight I made Manicotti for the first time. While prepping for the ingredients, I never realized it needs two 15 oz ricotta cheese containers and I had two boxes of Manicotti. 


Well, I am not that obsessive of a person who would drive to the store just to get another ricotta cheese just to make the taste even better. With the recipe I can make my own twist, its just up to me so I used what I already had and it tasted really good. My Manicotti, reminds Doug, of his favorite Italian restaurant, Valentino‘s, in Omaha, Nebraska. Well, Doug, said; it tasted really good so I will cook it all the time, just kidding. 

Anyway, I do really like cooking. But when I was young I hated doing household chores to a point it made me cry doing them, but not anymore when I have mouths to feed haha. When you love to eat just like I do, I’d rather cook every dish instead of buying frozen meals at the grocery store or even drive thru which I am not fan of. If you think my Manicotti, looks delicious to you, you can make it yourself. Its very easy to make and hassle free. No need to cook the sauce, you just have to pour it from the jar. Anyway, the instructions is on the package of Manicotti box when you buy one.

Molton Brown Soap

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So Love Likes There's No Tomorrow


January 5, 2015

I cannot believe my boy’s winter break is already over. Now, they are back to school which makes the house very quiet during the day. And with the wrestling season in full swing Doug, is gone every weekend which can be difficult when I am not feeling very well just like over this weekend. Well, today I am feeling much better. I got some chores done before I picked up Charles from his school this afternoon. 

Oh my! It was very cold outside even without snow. How much more when we have snow? We’re definitely stuck inside the house as I don’t want to be outside in the cold weather. Aside from doing chores today, I also caught up with my recorded shows on television though I still have more shows to be watched. Watching television shows would keep me busy throughout the day instead of laying in bed. It would be great though if I could go back to sleep anytime I wanted too; but I can’t sleep at all. 

Anyway, you probably know the story of the 7 year old girl plane crash survivor. Isn’t it amazing how she survived from the crash and walked through the woods at night, the temperature was very cold, no shoes, only shirt and shorts? I can’t imagine being her age surviving the crash and having  the courage to ask for help and walk through the woods on a cold dark night. She lost both of her parents, sister, and cousin. Life is really too short when taken away so unexpectedly. So love likes there’s no tomorrow. You’ll never know which day is going to be your last.