What a Waste of Time


December 10, 2014

What a waste of time I had this afternoon trying to submit my finished blogs only to find out the link is not working for the assigned keyword. I tried several times in submitting the link from my blog but still I keep getting an error. Hopefully, they can manually check it before it’s due date this Friday. As you notice my blogs have not been as active over the last few months. Not getting any tasks to work with from other publishing sites are very frustrating. 

Plus, I really don’t feel like updating my blogs anymore. Specially that I have not been feeling very well lately. The past couple of months have been very tough on us to dealt with though they say; life goes on. Having headaches all the time and my eyes being sore is keeping me away from the computer or even play games on my phone. These are the reasons why I stopped playing Bakery, and Restaurant Story on my phone and the other phone as well. Its just difficult to keep up with both phones and it was very stressful the longer I played these games. 

Of course, keeping my 4 star rating was part of the game, visiting my neighbors, leaving tips, sending gifts, and making dishes are time consuming every day. The first few days I stopped playing these games was very unrealistic. I can’t believed I did it without thinking too much whether I should play again or not which I have not in over a month now. That means I’m worry-free that I have no games to play now or visit my neighbors, make dishes to keep the customers happy. 

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