A Policeman Costume


October 14, 2014

Halloween is only a few days away though we have not bought Charles’ Halloween costume. He said he wants to be a Policeman this year as he likes playing Nerf guns with his dad. I guess Policeman costume it is. With our plans of visiting my sister-in-laws this month Charles is also worried he can not go trick or treating and have candies. So I told him not to worry. Even when he does not go for trick or treating he can still get as many candies as he wants.  

Though Charles is not really a big eater on candies. I am very protective when it comes to sweets and his teeth. Now, that Charles is 6 years old he is looking forward to his loose tooth which I have no idea when it is going to happen. He has pearly white teeth and are in good shape. Oh well, are you loving this Fall weather so far? Oh my! Today was such a gorgeous day. I can hear the wind blowing inside my car while waiting for my son to get out from school this afternoon. 

Well, after 3 consecutive days of bad weather we deserved much nicer weather over the next few days to come. The trees are already changing colors of their leaves and they are very pretty to look at. Hopefully we can drive around town this weekend just to look at the trees.


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