One Week From Today


September 14, 2014

One week from today, is Charles’ 6th birthday and he is getting more excited every day. He keeps asking if he has to go to school on his birthday and I said; no your birthday is Sunday. I guess when your 5 and your birthday is coming you really looking forward to that day to see what presents you are going to get. I never felt that when I was a kid. My birthday was always just an ordinary day, nothing to look forward to each year and no presents to open, haha. 

As for his presents, my sister’s-in-law, already got him a foosball table from Wal-Mart and Doug, is going to pick it up on Tuesday after practice. He has other presents from us and his aunts to open when we celebrate his birthday on Saturday. Celebrating this birthday is kind of bittersweet knowing my sister-in-law, Cheryl was diagnosed with bone cancer. The worst part is; it is already stage 4 but I’m sure she can fight and be strong for what she’s going through right now. 

Charles is going to be her biggest cheer leader and so will her other family members. When we found out when Cheryl, has bone cancer this week it was very devastating and it was hard to look at on my husband’s face. I knew he handled the news well though deep inside he’s really hurting and so am I. It’s just hard to think what the future is; knowing how many lives have already been lost because of cancer since I came here in the U.S. For now, all we can do is pray and hope for the best outcome on her chemotherapy.


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