Its Been a Great Summer


July 9, 2014

Its been a great summer going to places that I have never been before. Over the last few weeks we went to World’s of Fun, and I thought Charles and I are not going in there. Two extra tickets are hard not to use when they are up for grabs. We also went to Omaha Children’s Museum, in Nebraska. The Children’s Museum is very cool. Charles had a great time playing specially at Charlie Campbell Science & Technology Center, Walker Tire and Auto Service, which we thought he had a blast changing tires. 

We also spent time with my sister’s-in-law, and everyone had fun specially when Charles and his aunt Cheryl played their soccer match. They had been planning their match over the phone the last few months. Of course, Charles won the match and he was very excited with his trophy courtesy of his aunt Connie. Since coming back from our trip from Missouri we’ve done some things that needed to be taken care of; like Charles checkup tomorrow and me seeing a doctor for my rashes. Sometimes, Doug would tell me I am hard-headed when it comes to seeing a doctor even though it is covered with insurance. 

Aside from that, I have been practicing in driving our Ford, Mustang because I am going to take the actual driving test tomorrow. We will then take Charles to his checkup in the afternoon. Hopefully I can pass my driving test because Charles will be going to school this August and I am going to drive him. I’ve been driving to his school over the last few days now and I am feeling a lot better driving now. Before I always got nervous with so many cars around me and I just need to get used to it. And according to my hubby I am doing a great job and hopefully the policeman who will accompany with me can see it as well. 


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