It Has Been A Long Time Since I Posted My Last Blog Entry


April 14, 2014

It has been a long time since I posted my last blog entry, but that doesn’t mean I was so busy all the time. Not getting any more tasks to work with for my three blogs is very disappointing so I just ignored my blogs by not posting at all. Well, as we all know, spring has sprung though the weather is very cold today. We enjoyed much nicer weather the past couple of days by playing mini-golf at Golf Mountain. We also took Charles to the park but I was not sure whether Charles really liked it or not as he did even go down the slide. 

Anyway, it was such a busy day for me. I cleaned both of our bathrooms, changed the sheets, laundry, vacuumed the floor, and baked banana bread. With Charles a picky eater buying fruits like bananas always end up in the fruit basket for weeks until it turns black. Definitely Charles is not going to eat them anymore so instead of throwing them away I made banana bread for myself. Doug and Charles are not going to eat banana bread unless I bake something with chocolate and they are all in. 

Have you noticed we’re halfway through the month already? Wow! Time flies really fast and before we know it holidays are just around the corner. With the school year almost over in June, I definitely need to drive the car so I can pass my driving test so I can drive Charles when he goes to school in August. Charles is not a big fan every time I drive the car as he thinks I am not a good driver. He looks forward to riding on a school bus when he goes to school but my hubby does not want Charles to ride in it and neither do I. 

As a mom, I am excited for my son when he goes to school but definitely we are going to miss each other. We’ve never been apart for a longer period of time and of course, I am worried about him. Eating on his own and the foods that we eat at home is different from school, and using the bathroom as well at school. 

Pole Decorations

It is never too early to begin thinking of Christmas. I love looking at lights, making wreaths and decorating for the holidays. That is why I have already begun planning for next year. I am looking at using pole decorations this year as I love look and variation for poles. Wreathes, lights, designs of all types that can turn your yard into a Winter Wonder Land.