Cupcakes for Charles


February 26, 2014

Charles is a very picky eater. Today, when he asked me he wanted to eat cupcakes I never hesitated to bake Classic Yellow cupcakes. Boy! Charles could not wait until the cupcakes are done so he licked the bowl where I mixed the batter. He also kept on saying; hmmm the smell is making me hungry when the cupcakes are baking in the oven. It is always good to hear when Charles asks for specific food to eat instead of asking him what to eat every meal. 

With Charles going to school this year it is surely going to be a problem with his eating habits. He does not like to eat vegetables, he eats three different types of fruits (banana, blueberries, strawberry) and very particular when it comes to chicken and fries the way it is cooked. He does not drink orange juice or hot chocolate at all. This morning, I asked him if he wanted to drink my hot chocolate for breakfast (Milo & Nido combined) and he said; only when it is snowing. 

Charles is very funny and getting wise at the same time. While laying in bed this afternoon, I was yawning and he said; go to sleep, go to sleep, so he can use my phone instead of his iPhone. He’s been trying to get us to log in our password for our iTunes account so he can buy games when he is using the phones.


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