Chuy's Mexican Restaurant


February 11, 2014

What a busy weekend I had with my family. We watched Lego movie and we all liked it a lot. Inside the theater for Lego movie it was full of kids and adults as well. All the kids enjoyed the movie and so did we. Charles eating popcorn and M&M’s was the best part of watching the movie. It is a great way with a kid to kept them busy. While we’re out we had our dinner at newly opened Chuy’s Mexican restaurant here in town. 

When we arrived at the restaurant it was already crowded and we waited for 2 hours which was a very long wait just to eat. Doug, and I thought the food was good. Perhaps waiting for 2 hours made us starved so we had no time to complain about the food though the service was excellent. Whether you are planning to take your family to eat especially with a kid on a Friday and Saturday nights this is not the best restaurant to eat at. 

Waiting for one hour to 2 hours is just a very long wait and many customers had already left. While we were waiting, many of the customers are already drinking beers and margaritas even though the place was crowded at the waiting area and with the kids around. Besides, the sound system is just so loud and we can’t barely hear our conversation. This is not the ideal restaurant for a date night especially when on your first date, just saying. 

Anyway, this week is going to be very busy weekend for my hubby and the wrestling team. The State Wrestling Tournament is this week, Doug’s team hopefully will do really well as they have had a good season. 


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