Charles is Being Old Soul


February 25, 2014

A few days ago, I was painting my toenails with Cover Girl’s nail polish, Hot Cocoa and I don’t liked the color as much as I wanted to on my toes. I said; Oh Charles I don’t liked it then he replied; well you have two choices, you can keep it or you can return it. I thought it was very funny the way Charles responded to me. Being around my son, Charles 24/7 seems like I have a teenager now. 

He’s very opinionated in a very smart way, extremely funny and always puts a good laugh in the family. While I was getting my nails done, he was looking at his album (baby pictures) and saw his ultrasound pictures. Then he asked me. How did they took my picture when I was inside your belly? I said; I don’t know I never think about it how they got your pictures taken when you’re inside my tummy. 

Aside from that, Charles is being old soul now as he likes to listen to Hotel California, and New Kid in Town, by The Eagles over and over again on his iPhone. Hotel California, is one of my favorite songs and I am glad he likes it as well.


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