Coldest Weather That I Have Ever Experienced


January 7, 2014

My son, Charles is only 5 years old but now it worries me of what he can do on the computer within the next few years. Yesterday, he used my laptop and when I came to checked up on him he was kind of shocked. I asked what are you doing? He replied and said; let me clean up this mess then I checked his browsing history. I noticed Charles browsed Toys R US website and he clicked so many and tried to ordered as well. 

Charles knows our home address, city, state, except the zip code. He also knows his father’s phone number, and email address and he is going to use these information in the future which is making me worried now.  At least he does not know our card numbers or iTunes account passwords. I am though wondering what he will try to order once he figures out our debit cards. 

Last night, he wanted me to enter the password of our Netflix account and when I checked the phone it was for iTunes Store. Charles have been trying to buy games from the app store so I make sure iTunes is always logged out. Well, with freezing temperature across the US, my hubby is already out of school for two days in a row which kind of sucks. As they have to make up for missed school days due to inclement weather. 

Since I came here to the United States of America this is the coldest weather that I have ever experienced and it is way too cold for me. In fact, I wore stockings and layered my clothes and I still felt cold over the last few days now. I never layered my clothes in the past during winter weather as I am kind of used to it now but the weather over the last few days is very different. 


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