I Do Really Liked Papa John's Pizza


January 23, 2014

My hubby always bragged how good his food was when he eats at Damgoode Pies, every time he has his coaches meeting. Since there’s a New Damgoode Pies newly opened here in Rogers, my hubby always asked me that I need to try it out. I have never been to this place until last night and I thought it was okay. The lists of menu does not sound very tasty to me but I was relieved when I saw Hawaiian on the list. Pizza with pineapple topping is my favorite and that’s what I had ordered last night. 

Though when I compared my Hawaiian pizza from Damgoode Pies between Papa John’s, I do really liked Papa Johns pizza the best.

My Favorite, Pescado Guerrero


January 20, 2014

It has been a couple of days since I updated this blog and now I type a new one. Personally, I was not that too busy I was only being lazy. I don’t have stories to share with my readers regarding my personal life and family members. I am not the type of person that will share every thing or even update my status on Facebook just to let everybody know what I am doing. Those are just small things and I don’t need to shout it out loud on Facebook unlike many do. 

But anyway, I am loving the weather that we had over the last few days now. It’s always sunny and thankfully no more snow.  I guess as I don’t want my hubby to miss another school day because of snow. They already missed school days and they are going to make up for sure during Saturdays. As of now, my hubby is very busy with wrestling season and Saturday’s always have tournaments. 

Just like last Saturday, he had a wrestling tournament so we ate out Friday night for my birthday. As always, we went to Abuelos, and the restaurant was packed on a Friday night. We waited for an hour and I was really starved as I did not eat a lunch. I ordered my favorite entrĂ©e Pescado Guerrero and it tasted really good. Going to a restaurant when you are starving is a good thing as I ate all of my food on the plate. Charles really liked his food which was Bean & Beef Burrito, and so does my hubby. When I was feeling very good I would definitely cook the food instead of eating out. 

Coldest Weather That I Have Ever Experienced


January 7, 2014

My son, Charles is only 5 years old but now it worries me of what he can do on the computer within the next few years. Yesterday, he used my laptop and when I came to checked up on him he was kind of shocked. I asked what are you doing? He replied and said; let me clean up this mess then I checked his browsing history. I noticed Charles browsed Toys R US website and he clicked so many and tried to ordered as well. 

Charles knows our home address, city, state, except the zip code. He also knows his father’s phone number, and email address and he is going to use these information in the future which is making me worried now.  At least he does not know our card numbers or iTunes account passwords. I am though wondering what he will try to order once he figures out our debit cards. 

Last night, he wanted me to enter the password of our Netflix account and when I checked the phone it was for iTunes Store. Charles have been trying to buy games from the app store so I make sure iTunes is always logged out. Well, with freezing temperature across the US, my hubby is already out of school for two days in a row which kind of sucks. As they have to make up for missed school days due to inclement weather. 

Since I came here to the United States of America this is the coldest weather that I have ever experienced and it is way too cold for me. In fact, I wore stockings and layered my clothes and I still felt cold over the last few days now. I never layered my clothes in the past during winter weather as I am kind of used to it now but the weather over the last few days is very different. 

Wedding Dance Lessons

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Tree Skirt For Our Christmas Tree Next Year


January 3, 2014

Well, I am a little disappointed when I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday. The Christmas ornaments that I was looking for were not on display anymore. But this doesn’t mean I went home empty handed. Since all the Christmas decorations are still 80% off I decided to buy a tree skirt for our Christmas tree next year. I shouldn’t get a tree skirt but 80% off is a great deal not to buy one isn’t it? 

Finding great things at stores for a great price can sometimes be frustrating. A few days ago, I found Lauren Conrad, flat shoes that were on sale at Kohl’s but they don’t have size 5 available at the store. When I checked the web site the price was different so I did not order online. Besides, I don’t need to spend full price for an item when I can get them on sale sometime soon. 

Aside from Hobby Lobby, Bath & Body Works, and Victoria’s Secret are having their semi-annual sale and I could save up to 80% off from these stores. Sunday is a great day to shop and hopefully the weather is not going to be really bad just like in the Midwest and Northeast parts of the country. A few weeks ago, we had an ice storm and my hubby was out of school for one week. Charles loved having his father during snow days but my hubby has to make up for missed school days which is not a good thing in the end.