What a Waste of Time


December 10, 2014

What a waste of time I had this afternoon trying to submit my finished blogs only to find out the link is not working for the assigned keyword. I tried several times in submitting the link from my blog but still I keep getting an error. Hopefully, they can manually check it before it’s due date this Friday. As you notice my blogs have not been as active over the last few months. Not getting any tasks to work with from other publishing sites are very frustrating. 

Plus, I really don’t feel like updating my blogs anymore. Specially that I have not been feeling very well lately. The past couple of months have been very tough on us to dealt with though they say; life goes on. Having headaches all the time and my eyes being sore is keeping me away from the computer or even play games on my phone. These are the reasons why I stopped playing Bakery, and Restaurant Story on my phone and the other phone as well. Its just difficult to keep up with both phones and it was very stressful the longer I played these games. 

Of course, keeping my 4 star rating was part of the game, visiting my neighbors, leaving tips, sending gifts, and making dishes are time consuming every day. The first few days I stopped playing these games was very unrealistic. I can’t believed I did it without thinking too much whether I should play again or not which I have not in over a month now. That means I’m worry-free that I have no games to play now or visit my neighbors, make dishes to keep the customers happy. 

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It Will Be 7 Years


November 17, 2014

It has been a couple of months now since I got my drivers license and picking up my son, Charles from his school. Each day, I’m behind the wheels I am very cautious on the road and anxious with the cars around me. My biggest fear was of being the first car on the stop light, and turning on a four way stop. Now it isn’t fearful as I thought it was before getting my license. The best part of being the first car on the stop light is I can step on the gas as hard as I can and leave the cars behind me, hehehe. Now that I drive the car every day I noticed there are so many drivers out there who are not paying attention on the road and busy on their phones.  Like days ago, it was pouring rain but some cars didn’t have their lights on. Are they really that stupid?

Oh well, Thanksgiving, is only a few days away so is Christmas. And with so many problems we have over the last few months I’m still grateful with what we have. Also, this November 27, it will be 7 years since I came to the U.S. I cannot believe it has been that long already, can you?

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She Looked Very Different Now


October 14, 2014

I was reading the newsfeed earlier when I noticed someone’s name sounds familiar. Out of curiosity, I checked her profile though she looked very different now compared to what I have seen her in the past. Clearly, makeup could make you look so different in so many ways especially when you’re married to a foreigner. You could buy any makeup set you like and spend time perfecting your shade. 

Though I’ll say, her face looked the same only covered with too much makeup and it does not really look good on her, just saying. I don’t put any makeup or lipstick but I can tell when someone has too much junk on her face. Sometimes, it kind of looks like a clown when you have too much stuff going on with your face. I remember when we were eating at Maria’s, and the server that came to us was kind of scary.

 Her eyebrows are totally shaved yet curved with darker shade like a black sharpie. Anyway, tonight was the season premiere of Chrisley Knows Best, on USA. This is one of my favorite shows to watch on television aside from all the Real Housewives, on Bravo.

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A Policeman Costume

Halloween is only a few days away though we have not bought Charles’ Halloween costume. He said he wants to be a Policeman this year as he likes playing Nerf guns with his dad. I guess Policeman costume it is. With our plans of visiting my sister-in-laws this month Charles is also worried he can not go trick or treating and have candies. So I told him not to worry. Even when he does not go for trick or treating he can still get as many candies as he wants.  

Though Charles is not really a big eater on candies. I am very protective when it comes to sweets and his teeth. Now, that Charles is 6 years old he is looking forward to his loose tooth which I have no idea when it is going to happen. He has pearly white teeth and are in good shape. Oh well, are you loving this Fall weather so far? Oh my! Today was such a gorgeous day. I can hear the wind blowing inside my car while waiting for my son to get out from school this afternoon. 

Well, after 3 consecutive days of bad weather we deserved much nicer weather over the next few days to come. The trees are already changing colors of their leaves and they are very pretty to look at. Hopefully we can drive around town this weekend just to look at the trees.

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One Week From Today


September 14, 2014

One week from today, is Charles’ 6th birthday and he is getting more excited every day. He keeps asking if he has to go to school on his birthday and I said; no your birthday is Sunday. I guess when your 5 and your birthday is coming you really looking forward to that day to see what presents you are going to get. I never felt that when I was a kid. My birthday was always just an ordinary day, nothing to look forward to each year and no presents to open, haha. 

As for his presents, my sister’s-in-law, already got him a foosball table from Wal-Mart and Doug, is going to pick it up on Tuesday after practice. He has other presents from us and his aunts to open when we celebrate his birthday on Saturday. Celebrating this birthday is kind of bittersweet knowing my sister-in-law, Cheryl was diagnosed with bone cancer. The worst part is; it is already stage 4 but I’m sure she can fight and be strong for what she’s going through right now. 

Charles is going to be her biggest cheer leader and so will her other family members. When we found out when Cheryl, has bone cancer this week it was very devastating and it was hard to look at on my husband’s face. I knew he handled the news well though deep inside he’s really hurting and so am I. It’s just hard to think what the future is; knowing how many lives have already been lost because of cancer since I came here in the U.S. For now, all we can do is pray and hope for the best outcome on her chemotherapy.

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Huge Savings on Vouchers and Promo Codes Online


September 3, 2014

My son, 6th birthday is only three weeks away from today as I write this. With so many toys he already has buying gifts for him can be really difficult sometimes. Instead of going to the store browsing every aisle, it would be great if I could buy all his gifts online. As an online shopper, I always make sure to look for vouchers and promo codes on the brands and products that I am going to buy for my son, and my husband as well as myself. 

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Just recently, I found a great deal on buying my son, Charles some new clothes for school this year. Charles is 5 years old and he just started kindergarten this year. Of course, Charles, does not really like shopping for clothes so it was great to be able to just buy all his clothes on line. Well, after his first two weeks of school Charles, is doing really great in school and really likes going to school each day. Of course, he likes recess the best but has also really enjoyed reading, art and just being with the kids and making new friends. Most of all, he looks good as well with all the clothes I bought him.

Charles NASCAR Cars Collection


September 1, 2014

I was looking for family photos for Charles to take with him to school for his class photo book when I noticed I was about to make a blog post about his NASCAR cars collection months ago. Geez! I can not believe how much he accumulated through the years with  these cars aside from his Hot Wheels, Matchbox, trucks, and other cars. After the photo was taken we bought him about 50 NASCAR cars when we went to Alma, Arkansas for their annual Flea Market sale (about 100 miles long). 

Driving down to Alma, was very scenic. It will be even more beautiful in the fall. I told Doug, I would love to go back there again sometime in the fall. Fall is one of my favorite seasons of the year. The trees changing colors of its leaves are very beautiful to look at. Anyway, looking for things that we might find something interesting was out of luck on that huge Flea Market sale until we stopped by at the real Flea Market Store. In there we found lots of NASCAR cars for a decent price. 

Charles was very happy as he was having good luck. That’s what he said to himself. With his birthday past-approaching Doug, already knows what to get him for his birthday, a Nerf N-Strike Elite Retaliator Blaster. It would be a perfect present for his birthday as he is into making paper guns lately. As for my present for him, I really don’t know what to buy for him. He already has so many toys even when its not his birthday he always got something though they say; you can’t have too many. 

I Adore Christmas

I adore Christmas and has since I was a little kid. One of the things I love about the season is decorating and putting up our tree every year. While I love those sentimental ornaments I also love doing something new and exciting each year.  One of the things I love to do is buy new radko ornaments each year to add variety to our tree. My boys love to decorate the tree as much as me and love setting it up, which is a family tradition.

Huge Savings on Vouchers and Promo Codes


August 30, 2014

My son, 6th birthday is only three weeks away from today as I write this. With so many toys he already has buying gifts for him can be really difficult sometimes. Instead of going to the store browsing every aisle, it would be great if I could buy all his gifts online. As an online shopper, I always make sure to look for vouchers and promo codes on the brands and products that I am going to buy for my son, and my husband as well as myself. 

Why spend more money, when you could pay less than the actual advertised price? Not only are you saving money for your favorite brands and products you use every day you are also enjoy knowing you got a great deal on your purchase or purchases. With a single income in our family saving money is very important to my husband and to me as well. If you are looking for any products and brands for yourself, family, or loved ones including but not limited to fashion, electronics, toys, or home décor, http://www.antiretailhome.com/ offers up to 75% off savings on vouchers and promo codes. 

Just recently, I found a great deal on buying my son, Charles some new clothes for school this year. Charles is 5 years old and he just started kindergarten this year. Of course, Charles, does not really like shopping for clothes so it was great to be able to just buy all his clothes on line. Well, after his first two weeks of school Charles, is doing really great in school and really likes going to school each day. Of course, he likes recess the best but has also really enjoyed reading, art and just being with the kids and making new friends. Most of all, he looks good as well with all the clothes I bought him.

Charles Started Kindergarten


August 26, 2014

Last week, my son, Charles, started kindergarten. Of course, I was sad but I never cried as I am already miserable being sick over the weekend. My unexpected trip to the ER made me really nervous when I spit up blood occasionally. Thankfully, it was not as bad as I thought it would be. There was a sore on my tongue but it was weird though as I couldn’t feel anything at all. 

Not having my son around is different to me as I am used to hearing him talk a lot and asks questions all the time. Making his own stuff, races, watching television, you tube videos, dancing, and singing, What Makes You Beautiful, from One Direction, Me and My Broken Heart, by Rixton makes me miss all those things like his latest songs on you tube. Its more than a week now with Charles in kindergarten. Looks like he is having a good time and enjoying himself being at school with other kids. 

I hope he doesn’t gets bored as he already knows ABC’s and counting numbers except on writing his biggest nemeses. My biggest worries of him being away from me is still there yet I am confident Charles can do it on his own like using the restroom and eating his food without any complaints. He still is not used to getting up at 6:30 in the morning and so am I. I hate getting up early to be honest but I have to so I can prepare his breakfast, lunch, and give his bath. 

In the afternoon I pick up Charles at school and I am looking forward to get back home so I can check his folders. His Orange folder, contains his school work papers. Tuesday folder, contains newsletter, papers that has to be signed and returned to school. Well, having a kindergarten I never thought it can be busy in the morning but I figured out how to manage my time during the day. What if there’s a baby on the way? Definitely my schedule would be very hectic doing household chores and the kids.

Driving Alone Was Very Peaceful


August 8, 2014

It has been a long time since I have received a grab bag offer from my blogs from my favorite publishing website. The other night, I finally grabbed one and I was so excited to have one plus the payout rate was good. Though when I checked the task it does not have the task details and I did not receive an email. So the next day, I sent an email through their help desk and someone replied back to me. Only to find out the problem was still the same so I decided to declined the task. I’m sure I can see another grab bag offer for my blog in the near future. The publishing website has new ownership and they are making the company more successful than they were in the past. 

With the other publishing website it seems to me the company is going bankrupt. They always send out payments over its due date and I have not seen tasks in a long time. It bothers me of course, not getting my payment. If that’s what they want, not to send out payments anymore that’s fine with me. Its not a huge amount of money though I could buy a new pair of  shoes for it, just saying. Oh well, only a few days left before my son, Charles goes to kindergarten. Of course, he is excited and so are his dad and me. Yesterday, we went to his school to attend a parents orientation for new kids at Tucker. By next week, the annual parents meet and greet will take place. 

We will find out who is Charles’ teacher and see his classroom. With Charles’ class schedule starts early his dad is going to drop him off before he goes to work then I am going to pick him up in the afternoon. For me driving alone is still nerve wracking as I have not driven the car alone until today when I went to Walmart for our grocery shopping. Driving alone was very peaceful and I was focused on the road. Thank God, I wasn’t driving over the speed limit because a police car was parked on the side of the road on my way back home. Driving these cars our BMW, and Mustang are really fast cars so I always look at the speedometer to make sure I am not flying, just kidding.



July 16, 2014

Last week, I took my driving test and I passed the test. Thankfully the testing examiner who rode with me was very nice, much nicer than the last one I had when I took the driving test. At first, when I was done driving the examiner asked me if I had my permit for a year and I replied yes. He stamped my permit (I thought I did not pass again) and said; take this to revenue office which I had no idea where it was. Before I said any word while I was looking at my permit with a smile and I never realized the examiner had already left the car without saying thank you to him. 

I felt really bad of not saying any word to him as he walked back to the DMV office. Or yelled at him, thanks a lot, or have a good day. During that day, we went to the State Revenue office and got my driver license. I was very proud of myself knowing I can finally have my driver license and be able to drive my car and go anywhere I want. Being a new driver my hubby had already added me as a new driver on our car insurance. 

Of course, our car insurance provider has increased our monthly payment because of new driver related accidents. These crooks really know when to rip people off. Just like yesterday when my husband called on another car insurance provider. At first, the customer service representative that he spoke with was very polite. As the conversation goes on, there it was; we are paying more than what we are paying now on our current car insurance. Instead of switching will just have to stick with our current insurance provider besides they’ve been very helpful when we have our issues.

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Its Been a Great Summer


July 9, 2014

Its been a great summer going to places that I have never been before. Over the last few weeks we went to World’s of Fun, and I thought Charles and I are not going in there. Two extra tickets are hard not to use when they are up for grabs. We also went to Omaha Children’s Museum, in Nebraska. The Children’s Museum is very cool. Charles had a great time playing specially at Charlie Campbell Science & Technology Center, Walker Tire and Auto Service, which we thought he had a blast changing tires. 

We also spent time with my sister’s-in-law, and everyone had fun specially when Charles and his aunt Cheryl played their soccer match. They had been planning their match over the phone the last few months. Of course, Charles won the match and he was very excited with his trophy courtesy of his aunt Connie. Since coming back from our trip from Missouri we’ve done some things that needed to be taken care of; like Charles checkup tomorrow and me seeing a doctor for my rashes. Sometimes, Doug would tell me I am hard-headed when it comes to seeing a doctor even though it is covered with insurance. 

Aside from that, I have been practicing in driving our Ford, Mustang because I am going to take the actual driving test tomorrow. We will then take Charles to his checkup in the afternoon. Hopefully I can pass my driving test because Charles will be going to school this August and I am going to drive him. I’ve been driving to his school over the last few days now and I am feeling a lot better driving now. Before I always got nervous with so many cars around me and I just need to get used to it. And according to my hubby I am doing a great job and hopefully the policeman who will accompany with me can see it as well. 

It Has Been A Long Time Since I Posted My Last Blog Entry


April 14, 2014

It has been a long time since I posted my last blog entry, but that doesn’t mean I was so busy all the time. Not getting any more tasks to work with for my three blogs is very disappointing so I just ignored my blogs by not posting at all. Well, as we all know, spring has sprung though the weather is very cold today. We enjoyed much nicer weather the past couple of days by playing mini-golf at Golf Mountain. We also took Charles to the park but I was not sure whether Charles really liked it or not as he did even go down the slide. 

Anyway, it was such a busy day for me. I cleaned both of our bathrooms, changed the sheets, laundry, vacuumed the floor, and baked banana bread. With Charles a picky eater buying fruits like bananas always end up in the fruit basket for weeks until it turns black. Definitely Charles is not going to eat them anymore so instead of throwing them away I made banana bread for myself. Doug and Charles are not going to eat banana bread unless I bake something with chocolate and they are all in. 

Have you noticed we’re halfway through the month already? Wow! Time flies really fast and before we know it holidays are just around the corner. With the school year almost over in June, I definitely need to drive the car so I can pass my driving test so I can drive Charles when he goes to school in August. Charles is not a big fan every time I drive the car as he thinks I am not a good driver. He looks forward to riding on a school bus when he goes to school but my hubby does not want Charles to ride in it and neither do I. 

As a mom, I am excited for my son when he goes to school but definitely we are going to miss each other. We’ve never been apart for a longer period of time and of course, I am worried about him. Eating on his own and the foods that we eat at home is different from school, and using the bathroom as well at school. 

Pole Decorations

It is never too early to begin thinking of Christmas. I love looking at lights, making wreaths and decorating for the holidays. That is why I have already begun planning for next year. I am looking at using pole decorations this year as I love look and variation for poles. Wreathes, lights, designs of all types that can turn your yard into a Winter Wonder Land.

Charles Wasn't Thrilled About It


March 11, 2014

I’m so grateful for the warm weather we have today. Spring has sprung, just kidding. Though the first day of spring is only few days away and I know we are all looking forward to nicer weather. Spring is one of my favorite times of the year as the trees start to grow their leaves and they are just so pretty to look at. If we were not going to Kansas City, in May to watch NASCAR Sprint Cup we would definitely go to Branson during my hubby’s spring break. My hubby, Charles and me all like to eat at Joe’s Crab Shack and of course shopping at the Tanger Outlet Mall.

And driving from here down to Eureka Springs is very scenic during the spring season but not the curvy highway. When I look downhill it is quite very scary to me and my hubby only laughs at me and thinks it silly.  Well, the other day we watched, the State Youth Wrestling Tournament where my hubby teaches at and Charles wasn‘t thrilled about it. He thought it was boring. So I asked him what sports are you going to participate when you’re in school? He replied; soccer.

Charles is not really into sports as he gets bored so easy. While watching those little ones wrestled it looks like they are just playing on the mat and boy it was a very long day for them. I can’t imagine 6-8 hours with Charles going to any wrestling tournament that could last all day for him or me. Now, I realized Charles is a homebody just like me instead of being out most of the time.

Cupcakes for Charles


February 26, 2014

Charles is a very picky eater. Today, when he asked me he wanted to eat cupcakes I never hesitated to bake Classic Yellow cupcakes. Boy! Charles could not wait until the cupcakes are done so he licked the bowl where I mixed the batter. He also kept on saying; hmmm the smell is making me hungry when the cupcakes are baking in the oven. It is always good to hear when Charles asks for specific food to eat instead of asking him what to eat every meal. 

With Charles going to school this year it is surely going to be a problem with his eating habits. He does not like to eat vegetables, he eats three different types of fruits (banana, blueberries, strawberry) and very particular when it comes to chicken and fries the way it is cooked. He does not drink orange juice or hot chocolate at all. This morning, I asked him if he wanted to drink my hot chocolate for breakfast (Milo & Nido combined) and he said; only when it is snowing. 

Charles is very funny and getting wise at the same time. While laying in bed this afternoon, I was yawning and he said; go to sleep, go to sleep, so he can use my phone instead of his iPhone. He’s been trying to get us to log in our password for our iTunes account so he can buy games when he is using the phones.

Charles is Being Old Soul


February 25, 2014

A few days ago, I was painting my toenails with Cover Girl’s nail polish, Hot Cocoa and I don’t liked the color as much as I wanted to on my toes. I said; Oh Charles I don’t liked it then he replied; well you have two choices, you can keep it or you can return it. I thought it was very funny the way Charles responded to me. Being around my son, Charles 24/7 seems like I have a teenager now. 

He’s very opinionated in a very smart way, extremely funny and always puts a good laugh in the family. While I was getting my nails done, he was looking at his album (baby pictures) and saw his ultrasound pictures. Then he asked me. How did they took my picture when I was inside your belly? I said; I don’t know I never think about it how they got your pictures taken when you’re inside my tummy. 

Aside from that, Charles is being old soul now as he likes to listen to Hotel California, and New Kid in Town, by The Eagles over and over again on his iPhone. Hotel California, is one of my favorite songs and I am glad he likes it as well.

Clinic for Methadone Rehab


February 11, 2014

Recently I was watching one of those addiction shows on TV, you know the ones were they show family members trying to get a family member to address their drug addictions. I think many of these families need to find a good clinic for methadone rehab, near them. Beating addictions a never something that is easy or can be done alone on an island. You need people that understand and can help you.

Chuy's Mexican Restaurant

What a busy weekend I had with my family. We watched Lego movie and we all liked it a lot. Inside the theater for Lego movie it was full of kids and adults as well. All the kids enjoyed the movie and so did we. Charles eating popcorn and M&M’s was the best part of watching the movie. It is a great way with a kid to kept them busy. While we’re out we had our dinner at newly opened Chuy’s Mexican restaurant here in town. 

When we arrived at the restaurant it was already crowded and we waited for 2 hours which was a very long wait just to eat. Doug, and I thought the food was good. Perhaps waiting for 2 hours made us starved so we had no time to complain about the food though the service was excellent. Whether you are planning to take your family to eat especially with a kid on a Friday and Saturday nights this is not the best restaurant to eat at. 

Waiting for one hour to 2 hours is just a very long wait and many customers had already left. While we were waiting, many of the customers are already drinking beers and margaritas even though the place was crowded at the waiting area and with the kids around. Besides, the sound system is just so loud and we can’t barely hear our conversation. This is not the ideal restaurant for a date night especially when on your first date, just saying. 

Anyway, this week is going to be very busy weekend for my hubby and the wrestling team. The State Wrestling Tournament is this week, Doug’s team hopefully will do really well as they have had a good season. 

I Do Really Liked Papa John's Pizza


January 23, 2014

My hubby always bragged how good his food was when he eats at Damgoode Pies, every time he has his coaches meeting. Since there’s a New Damgoode Pies newly opened here in Rogers, my hubby always asked me that I need to try it out. I have never been to this place until last night and I thought it was okay. The lists of menu does not sound very tasty to me but I was relieved when I saw Hawaiian on the list. Pizza with pineapple topping is my favorite and that’s what I had ordered last night. 

Though when I compared my Hawaiian pizza from Damgoode Pies between Papa John’s, I do really liked Papa Johns pizza the best.

My Favorite, Pescado Guerrero


January 20, 2014

It has been a couple of days since I updated this blog and now I type a new one. Personally, I was not that too busy I was only being lazy. I don’t have stories to share with my readers regarding my personal life and family members. I am not the type of person that will share every thing or even update my status on Facebook just to let everybody know what I am doing. Those are just small things and I don’t need to shout it out loud on Facebook unlike many do. 

But anyway, I am loving the weather that we had over the last few days now. It’s always sunny and thankfully no more snow.  I guess as I don’t want my hubby to miss another school day because of snow. They already missed school days and they are going to make up for sure during Saturdays. As of now, my hubby is very busy with wrestling season and Saturday’s always have tournaments. 

Just like last Saturday, he had a wrestling tournament so we ate out Friday night for my birthday. As always, we went to Abuelos, and the restaurant was packed on a Friday night. We waited for an hour and I was really starved as I did not eat a lunch. I ordered my favorite entrée Pescado Guerrero and it tasted really good. Going to a restaurant when you are starving is a good thing as I ate all of my food on the plate. Charles really liked his food which was Bean & Beef Burrito, and so does my hubby. When I was feeling very good I would definitely cook the food instead of eating out. 

Coldest Weather That I Have Ever Experienced


January 7, 2014

My son, Charles is only 5 years old but now it worries me of what he can do on the computer within the next few years. Yesterday, he used my laptop and when I came to checked up on him he was kind of shocked. I asked what are you doing? He replied and said; let me clean up this mess then I checked his browsing history. I noticed Charles browsed Toys R US website and he clicked so many and tried to ordered as well. 

Charles knows our home address, city, state, except the zip code. He also knows his father’s phone number, and email address and he is going to use these information in the future which is making me worried now.  At least he does not know our card numbers or iTunes account passwords. I am though wondering what he will try to order once he figures out our debit cards. 

Last night, he wanted me to enter the password of our Netflix account and when I checked the phone it was for iTunes Store. Charles have been trying to buy games from the app store so I make sure iTunes is always logged out. Well, with freezing temperature across the US, my hubby is already out of school for two days in a row which kind of sucks. As they have to make up for missed school days due to inclement weather. 

Since I came here to the United States of America this is the coldest weather that I have ever experienced and it is way too cold for me. In fact, I wore stockings and layered my clothes and I still felt cold over the last few days now. I never layered my clothes in the past during winter weather as I am kind of used to it now but the weather over the last few days is very different. 

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Tree Skirt For Our Christmas Tree Next Year


January 3, 2014

Well, I am a little disappointed when I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday. The Christmas ornaments that I was looking for were not on display anymore. But this doesn’t mean I went home empty handed. Since all the Christmas decorations are still 80% off I decided to buy a tree skirt for our Christmas tree next year. I shouldn’t get a tree skirt but 80% off is a great deal not to buy one isn’t it? 

Finding great things at stores for a great price can sometimes be frustrating. A few days ago, I found Lauren Conrad, flat shoes that were on sale at Kohl’s but they don’t have size 5 available at the store. When I checked the web site the price was different so I did not order online. Besides, I don’t need to spend full price for an item when I can get them on sale sometime soon. 

Aside from Hobby Lobby, Bath & Body Works, and Victoria’s Secret are having their semi-annual sale and I could save up to 80% off from these stores. Sunday is a great day to shop and hopefully the weather is not going to be really bad just like in the Midwest and Northeast parts of the country. A few weeks ago, we had an ice storm and my hubby was out of school for one week. Charles loved having his father during snow days but my hubby has to make up for missed school days which is not a good thing in the end.