Lights Of The Ozarks, Downtown Fayetteville


December 22, 2013

I have never been remorseful buying stuff in the past but the other night I kept on thinking what we just bought for Charles’ Christmas presents. When it comes to buying Charles Christmas presents I am the type of person that’s very skeptical but my husband is all for it. Though as I thought the amount that we just spent for two of his toys I thought about the Imaginarium Mountain Rock Train Table, at Toys R US. 

So I kept on thinking whether we should return back the toys and get the Imaginarium instead as Charles really liked it as well. Then my hubby bought more toys from Target and I’m pretty sure Charles is going to love all of his Christmas presents. Growing up in the Philippines, Christmas is just an ordinary day. We don’t get any presents during Christmas or even birthdays except at school wherein we had exchange gifts and that’s it. 

While we’re in Fayetteville, we looked at the Lights of the Ozarks and as usual the Christmas lights are very pretty to see. Charles sat on Santa’s lap and told Santa what Charles wanted for Christmas which is Monopoly. He may be 5 years old but Charles is going to be a gamer just like his father. In fact, Charles wants to have his own phone, and X-Box but I am going to say no for those. 

Every time he plays games on the phone he spends hours playing games and I felt like I’m losing him already. But at night, he always works his charms with his lines: Christmas is the time to spend with your family and loved ones and the people who love you. That’s why he is always sleeping in our bed.


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