I Liked Ford Mustang-GT


November 17, 2013

I had driven our Ford, Mustang-GT, the other day and I must say I liked it a lot. Though it is very low for me when I drive the car.  I even adjusted the seat to make it as high as possible. My hubby said that I did a pretty good job when I drove the car and stopping the car when there were stop signs. The scary situation was when the other cars on the stop line ran through their yield green and cut in front of me. 

Now, I am torn which car do I really want to drive whether our BMW X-5, or Mustang. But I’m sure I will pick the car that I am most comfortable driving with on the road and it is our BMW X-5. Even though I have not driven quite a lot with our X-5, definitely this is the car that I am going to drive. The seat warmer is one my favorite features of the car which I really like especially in the winter and I can see so much better on the highway as well. 

Since Charles is going to Kindergarten next year I definitely need to drive the car when my hubby is around to make me feel comfortable on the highway. We also drove to school where Charles is going to enroll next year and it is only 4 minutes drive away from our house which is a good thing. Enrolling Charles in Kindergarten would be very difficult for both of us as we have not been away from each other. 

Also, I am skeptical about my son, not interested in writing but he is very good on reading, and numbers. But before that, Doug, and I have been talking about enrolling Charles on a tumbling class before classes start so he can be around other kids. Seems like Charles is interested and looking forward on the tumbling classes and hoping he can find some friends during that period.


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