I Am Very Nervous


November 26, 2013

Well, tomorrow is my 6 years anniversary since I came here to the United States of America. As you know I don’t have my driver license yet but hopefully tomorrow I can pass my driving test. They say the driving test is very easy but to worry freak like I am, I am very nervous thinking about tomorrow. Just like when I took the computer test, I was really shaking. Thankfully, after I answered the last question I saw the message on the computer screen; “Congratulations you passed the test”. 

Omg! I was very excited and relieved as I took the test once and passed the test right away. So tomorrow, hopefully can be an exciting day for me after I take the driving test. If I don’t pass my driving test, I’m sure I can take another driving test again. Or I will just go home to the Philippines, as I don’t have to drive the car and just ride the jeepney, just kidding. 

Oh well, how is your day today? As for me, I had quite a busy day. Done packing our stuff for our trip to Kansas City, then we went to the doctor for my hubby’s checkup. We also got our Ford, Mustang-GT, licensed today which is very good. Then later tonight, I am going to do laundry of my favorite blanket to take with me. You can call me weird but I can’t lay in bed without my blanket. Even when we stay at hotels I always make sure to take my blanket with me.


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