A Very Scary Situation Yesterday


November 24, 2013

I always wonder when someone I know is not active on their Facebook page. Last night, I was so glad to see a friend during high school Elizabeth, online on Facebook. I sent her a message hoping to hear from her. Later I found out she has breast cancer and it is really bad. Her kids are very young and the youngest is only 1 year old. As a mom, I know how she feel about her kids especially when they are very young. It is tragic that she has breast cancer at such a very young age. Its really is hard to imagine what she’s going through in her life right now and thinking about her kids. Cancer could happen to anyone and it has no age limits. Being said; I need to get a mammogram check which I have never done a check in the past. It sound scary but I have too. Being aware of my body is very important especially since I have a child and a husband that’s counting on me every day. 

Anyway, I had a very scary situation yesterday when our car started smoking under the hood and I thought it will blow up any second. And of course, it was very disappointing as it is going to be another expense in our pocket. I kept thinking about it, things happen for a reason and I am glad we are all safe after the incident. Even better we were close to our home and not on a trip out of town. Our insurance paid for the tow and Doug, has a good BMW mechanic he trusts to look at the car. Matter of fact Doug, has already talked to him and we hope it was just a heater hose, which should not be very expensive. 


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