The Chiefs


November 30, 2013

We had a great Thanksgiving with my hubby’s family in Kansas City, Missouri. Charles had his Indy Car race and was very happy he got a trophy and did his first scavenger hunt created with his aunt Connie. With my hubby getting busy with wrestling season, we decided to go home yesterday as he has practice tomorrow afternoon. 

On our way back home Doug, drove down to the city and was excited when he saw Strouds and we had our lunch there. Strouds is famous for fried chicken and has been featured on televisions, and magazines here in the United States. Then Charles wants to see the baseball stadium of the Kansas City Royals, and Arrowhead Stadium, of the Kansas City, Chiefs. 

Though Charles does not want to get out from the car as it was very cold yesterday. Yesterday’s trip back home was not really bad aside from Charles not forgetting his most famous questions: Are we there yet? How many miles until we get back home? Oh well, Christmas is just a couple of weeks away and I’m sure you already put up your Christmas Tree. Tomorrow we are going to put up our Christmas Tree as my hubby wants to help after his wrestling practice. 

Of course, my son, Charles, is very excited when I told him that we are going to decorate the tree. Growing up in the Philippines we never really had a Christmas Tree around. But Christmas is very festive in the Philippines and I miss it very much.

I Am Very Nervous


November 26, 2013

Well, tomorrow is my 6 years anniversary since I came here to the United States of America. As you know I don’t have my driver license yet but hopefully tomorrow I can pass my driving test. They say the driving test is very easy but to worry freak like I am, I am very nervous thinking about tomorrow. Just like when I took the computer test, I was really shaking. Thankfully, after I answered the last question I saw the message on the computer screen; “Congratulations you passed the test”. 

Omg! I was very excited and relieved as I took the test once and passed the test right away. So tomorrow, hopefully can be an exciting day for me after I take the driving test. If I don’t pass my driving test, I’m sure I can take another driving test again. Or I will just go home to the Philippines, as I don’t have to drive the car and just ride the jeepney, just kidding. 

Oh well, how is your day today? As for me, I had quite a busy day. Done packing our stuff for our trip to Kansas City, then we went to the doctor for my hubby’s checkup. We also got our Ford, Mustang-GT, licensed today which is very good. Then later tonight, I am going to do laundry of my favorite blanket to take with me. You can call me weird but I can’t lay in bed without my blanket. Even when we stay at hotels I always make sure to take my blanket with me.

Good Outdoor Playset

My husband and I have been looking at getting our son, Charles a good outdoor playset. I found a great place that sells swing sets in williamsburg va, too bad we live in Arkansas, or we would buy one from Backyard Playground for sure. I love the fact that these sets are custom made to your specifications. What a great gift for any kid, especially with Christmas coming up.

A Very Scary Situation Yesterday


November 24, 2013

I always wonder when someone I know is not active on their Facebook page. Last night, I was so glad to see a friend during high school Elizabeth, online on Facebook. I sent her a message hoping to hear from her. Later I found out she has breast cancer and it is really bad. Her kids are very young and the youngest is only 1 year old. As a mom, I know how she feel about her kids especially when they are very young. It is tragic that she has breast cancer at such a very young age. Its really is hard to imagine what she’s going through in her life right now and thinking about her kids. Cancer could happen to anyone and it has no age limits. Being said; I need to get a mammogram check which I have never done a check in the past. It sound scary but I have too. Being aware of my body is very important especially since I have a child and a husband that’s counting on me every day. 

Anyway, I had a very scary situation yesterday when our car started smoking under the hood and I thought it will blow up any second. And of course, it was very disappointing as it is going to be another expense in our pocket. I kept thinking about it, things happen for a reason and I am glad we are all safe after the incident. Even better we were close to our home and not on a trip out of town. Our insurance paid for the tow and Doug, has a good BMW mechanic he trusts to look at the car. Matter of fact Doug, has already talked to him and we hope it was just a heater hose, which should not be very expensive. 

I Liked Ford Mustang-GT


November 17, 2013

I had driven our Ford, Mustang-GT, the other day and I must say I liked it a lot. Though it is very low for me when I drive the car.  I even adjusted the seat to make it as high as possible. My hubby said that I did a pretty good job when I drove the car and stopping the car when there were stop signs. The scary situation was when the other cars on the stop line ran through their yield green and cut in front of me. 

Now, I am torn which car do I really want to drive whether our BMW X-5, or Mustang. But I’m sure I will pick the car that I am most comfortable driving with on the road and it is our BMW X-5. Even though I have not driven quite a lot with our X-5, definitely this is the car that I am going to drive. The seat warmer is one my favorite features of the car which I really like especially in the winter and I can see so much better on the highway as well. 

Since Charles is going to Kindergarten next year I definitely need to drive the car when my hubby is around to make me feel comfortable on the highway. We also drove to school where Charles is going to enroll next year and it is only 4 minutes drive away from our house which is a good thing. Enrolling Charles in Kindergarten would be very difficult for both of us as we have not been away from each other. 

Also, I am skeptical about my son, not interested in writing but he is very good on reading, and numbers. But before that, Doug, and I have been talking about enrolling Charles on a tumbling class before classes start so he can be around other kids. Seems like Charles is interested and looking forward on the tumbling classes and hoping he can find some friends during that period.

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