Oh Pretty! Just The Right Size For Me


October 1, 2013

This time of the year is my favorite part of the year. Halloween is fast approaching, Thanksgiving, and of course Christmas Holidays. With Halloween just a couple of weeks away I have no idea of what my son, Charles wants to wear for Halloween costume. He’s not a big fan of super hero’s so I guess he doesn’t like to wear any Halloween costume this year even though I would love for him to wear Iron Man, or Spiderman costumes. 

Since Christmas is just around the corner, I am planning to buy a new Christmas Tree just like the one that we have now with LED lights though I couldn’t find it at the store when we went to Hobby Lobby the other day. The web site on the box of our Christmas Tree is not working as I was hoping I can order it online and still no luck at all. If I couldn’t find the Christmas Tree that’s closest to our tree now I will not buy one at all. 

Our Christmas Tree right now is still pretty specially with the LED lights though at the bottom is kind of worn out already. When we were looking at Christmas Trees at Hobby Lobby the other day Charles was very ecstatic. Every time he see’s Christmas decorations he kept on saying; Oh pretty! Just the right size for me. I guess having his own Christmas Tree in his room would be neat and he can decorate on his own. 

Another reason I am looking forward to Christmas is; Eggnog. I never I had Eggnog when I was in the Philippines and you can only have Eggnog once a year. Of course, wrapping and opening Christmas presents!


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