Das Stein Haus Restaurant


October 22, 2013

I have not seen Football players up close until South Dakota State, ate at Golden Corral on a Friday night. These football players are very darn tall. Since my hubby had been bragging about his favorite restaurant, Das Stein Haus, how good it was ten years ago, in Jefferson City, we decided to stopped by as well. When we arrived around 4:30 in the afternoon the restaurant was closed as the restaurant open on certain time though their lounge area was open. We waited outside and we can smell delicious food cooking inside. By 5 o’clock the restaurant was opened and I was amazed how fancy looking it was and saw bottles of wines stack up everywhere. 

But anyway, have you shopped for your Halloween costume already? If you do good for you and when you have not, you’re not alone as I have not shopped for my son, Charles’ Halloween costume yet. He wants to be a Newscaster but I don’t think its appropriate as a Halloween costume. Then I told him how about Iron Man so he wants an Iron Man costume now though we are going to get it next time when we go to Walmart, Party City, or Party Supply this weekend.


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