He Wants All That He Has Seen On Commercials


September 4, 2013

How was your Labor Day celebration? Hope you had a good one spending time with your family and friends. Well, can you believe its already September? Yup! Before we know it this year will be over and we have no idea where the days have gone. As Halloween fast approaches my son, Charles has no idea what he wants to wear for a Halloween costume and neither do I. 

Charles is not really interested in super heroes unlike his dad which is a huge fan of comic books. Charles is though very excited for his 5th birthday and so are we. All of his aunts and their cousin Linda are coming and we are looking forward to seeing them in just three weeks. And for his gifts he wants all that he has seen on commercials when he watches his recorded movie, Cars 2. 

It’s funny though as he wanted to have Silly Slippeez for his birthday and he doesn’t even like wearing socks or slippers around the house. Aside from Silly Slippeez, Charles also wants to have a Bright Light Pillow and Blanket, Glow Doodle Dome which would take more space in his bed room. At least though he knows what he wants for his birthday unlike me who never remembers what I really wanted when I was his age. 


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