On Business Investment Consultant


September 16, 2013

If you have a small or start up business it is very important that you make the correct investments for your bushiness to succeed. Having a business investment consultant can make your business a success from the start. Problem is how and where can you find a valuable and trustworthy investment consultant? I have been very impressed with Scott Gelbard, since I started following him on his twitter account at,   https://twitter.com/scottfgelbard. Scott is very knowledgeable and easy to communicate with. 

He is very open to communication and questions regarding all aspects of business consultation as well as investment consultation. So if you are looking for help make sure and find someone responsible and experienced that can turn all your hard work into a real money maker. Of course, to make any business work the primary resource has to be your own smarts and hard work. Whatever motivates you is the key to your success.

I Miss Charles Sleeping In Our Bed


September 10, 2013

I cannot believed Charles have been sleeping in his bedroom for over a month now. Though every time he lays down at night he always covers his head with blankets so the ghost won’t find him which is very funny. So when Charles is asleep I always check up on him to uncover his face. Of course I miss Charles sleeping in our bed and so does Doug so sometimes we let Charles sleep with us. Anyway, I had a very tiring weekend. 

Charles and I went on a Float Trip which one of the wrestling parents had organized. Doug and I haven’t done anything like canoeing because both of us can’t swim. As Doug always says; I lived close to the beach and you don’t know how to swim? Well, my parents had never really done so much fun things for us when we were kids. They are the type of parents wherein they don’t want us to do something fun and let us do what we really wanted. 

Growing up on a very strict household was very disappointing so in the end I made my decisions without letting them know. Well, my feet are still sore from all the walking over the weekend then we went to Walmart for our grocery shopping. Stood up for hours in the kitchen to make our dinner so I can barely walk now. Geez it is really difficult when you are getting old. How much more when I have a job and I have to stand up for hours? Surely it will not be fun at all or maybe I will just quit early, lol.

He Wants All That He Has Seen On Commercials


September 4, 2013

How was your Labor Day celebration? Hope you had a good one spending time with your family and friends. Well, can you believe its already September? Yup! Before we know it this year will be over and we have no idea where the days have gone. As Halloween fast approaches my son, Charles has no idea what he wants to wear for a Halloween costume and neither do I. 

Charles is not really interested in super heroes unlike his dad which is a huge fan of comic books. Charles is though very excited for his 5th birthday and so are we. All of his aunts and their cousin Linda are coming and we are looking forward to seeing them in just three weeks. And for his gifts he wants all that he has seen on commercials when he watches his recorded movie, Cars 2. 

It’s funny though as he wanted to have Silly Slippeez for his birthday and he doesn’t even like wearing socks or slippers around the house. Aside from Silly Slippeez, Charles also wants to have a Bright Light Pillow and Blanket, Glow Doodle Dome which would take more space in his bed room. At least though he knows what he wants for his birthday unlike me who never remembers what I really wanted when I was his age.