I Thought The Problem Got Fixed


August 20, 2013

I was about to change all of my blog templates for my 3 blogs this year when I noticed I can barely get some tasks to work on. It was very frustrating so I have decided not to spend anything even though the templates are very affordable for my budget. Since my favorite publishing site made some changes to their web site this year my blogging has slowed, my blogs can still get some offers just not the volume as before. 

Though starting this year I noticed I couldn’t accept or decline the task that’s been showing on a duplicate URL’s for one of my blogs. I tried to ignore the problem despite the tasks showing every other day until I had finally decided to address my issues with my duplicate blog URL. I thought the problem got fixed when the URL was suspended and now the task is showing again on the duplicate URL which is not working. 

Its very frustrating when someone replied that I can delete the URL in my account wherein there is no delete button at all. How can I reach $50 with my payments when I can no longer get any tasks to work with? Well, I am planning to delete all of my blogs with that publishing site and call it quits. This year has been really slow when it comes to my blog income compared to last year. In fact, I only got my payment once from my favorite publishing site this year.


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