He Wants All Of Tomica Hypercity


August 21, 2013

With the temperature getting cooler its time for me to sort out our clothes in the closets that we no longer use. Just in time before it gets colder in the garage as I hate going in there during cold weather. With Charles growing like a weed I definitely need to start sorting out his clothes and toys and put them in his tubs. He’s almost 5 and he never plays much on some of his toys anymore. I guess he doesn’t like playing without a playmate to play with. 

The things that he likes doing the most now is watching his favorite shows on Disney Junior, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Henry Hugglemonster. Just the other day when we were at Walmart during checkout he cried as he wanted a balloon. I told him it is not your birthday and big teary eyes rolled down on his cheeks. So his father got him a Mickey Mouse balloon and he was so happy. Mickey is his favorite character and he wants Mickey Mouse Party Decorations on his birthday. 

He also carried the balloon for hours during that day and when he goes to bed at night the balloon was on his side. With his birthday fast approaching Charles is very excited. He is looking forward to go to Chuck E. Cheese’s, bowling and mini golf. And for his birthday gifts he wants all of Tomica Hypercity for his city which won‘t fit in his bedroom already. His idea is to have a yard sale for his old toys to make room for his whole city.


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