Got Some Bananas :)


August 26, 2013

I went to A’Chau Oriental Market yesterday and I was very excited when I saw some bananas on displayed. The store also had guava, boc choy and other vegetables just like in the Philippines.  I really liked many of them so I bought them all. I also got jars of Coconut Jelly from Vietnam though the jar is very difficult to open so I always make sure my hubby is around before I make my Buko Salad. Going to A’Chau Oriental Market won’t be complete without buying other products from the Philippines just like what’s on the picture shown below. I didn’t get any Milkfish or Galung-gong because they are out. 

Hopefully the next time I will visit the store they have fish so I can cook Sinigang and Escabeche which are both some of my favorite foods to eat.


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