Finding A Way To Get Exercise In A Busy Lifestyle


August 7, 2013

Well my husband, Doug’s summer vacation is almost over. It has been a great summer with a trip to visit my sister’s-in-law, attended a wedding and then had my sister’s-in-law visiting last weekend. Charles has loved having his dad around every day and overall things have been almost perfect. Doug though starts back to school next week with a week of professional development and then classes following the week after. Doug has a real busy schedule as a teacher and as a wrestling coach. 

With Doug’s health issues it is really important that he keeps busy and finds a way to work exercise into his daily regime. Of course coaching helps as he is active on the mat but he needs an edge even with his coaching. That is where a guy like Scott Gelbard has excelled as well.  Whether it be coaching a sport, going to the gym or having an active lifestyle guys like Doug and Scott have found the key to a happy and health life.


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