Got Some Bananas :)


August 26, 2013

I went to A’Chau Oriental Market yesterday and I was very excited when I saw some bananas on displayed. The store also had guava, boc choy and other vegetables just like in the Philippines.  I really liked many of them so I bought them all. I also got jars of Coconut Jelly from Vietnam though the jar is very difficult to open so I always make sure my hubby is around before I make my Buko Salad. Going to A’Chau Oriental Market won’t be complete without buying other products from the Philippines just like what’s on the picture shown below. I didn’t get any Milkfish or Galung-gong because they are out. 

Hopefully the next time I will visit the store they have fish so I can cook Sinigang and Escabeche which are both some of my favorite foods to eat.

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Peach Suit Hotel Supply


August 25, 2013

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He Wants All Of Tomica Hypercity


August 21, 2013

With the temperature getting cooler its time for me to sort out our clothes in the closets that we no longer use. Just in time before it gets colder in the garage as I hate going in there during cold weather. With Charles growing like a weed I definitely need to start sorting out his clothes and toys and put them in his tubs. He’s almost 5 and he never plays much on some of his toys anymore. I guess he doesn’t like playing without a playmate to play with. 

The things that he likes doing the most now is watching his favorite shows on Disney Junior, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Henry Hugglemonster. Just the other day when we were at Walmart during checkout he cried as he wanted a balloon. I told him it is not your birthday and big teary eyes rolled down on his cheeks. So his father got him a Mickey Mouse balloon and he was so happy. Mickey is his favorite character and he wants Mickey Mouse Party Decorations on his birthday. 

He also carried the balloon for hours during that day and when he goes to bed at night the balloon was on his side. With his birthday fast approaching Charles is very excited. He is looking forward to go to Chuck E. Cheese’s, bowling and mini golf. And for his birthday gifts he wants all of Tomica Hypercity for his city which won‘t fit in his bedroom already. His idea is to have a yard sale for his old toys to make room for his whole city.

Zoom H2 Handy Recorder

Being able to make music is great but it is also great to be able to record your music, to keep what you have developed forever is even better. The best recorder I have found has been the zoom h2 handy recorder at musician's friend. I can not wait to begin recording, my son Charles’s music for him to appreciate when he get older.

I Thought The Problem Got Fixed


August 20, 2013

I was about to change all of my blog templates for my 3 blogs this year when I noticed I can barely get some tasks to work on. It was very frustrating so I have decided not to spend anything even though the templates are very affordable for my budget. Since my favorite publishing site made some changes to their web site this year my blogging has slowed, my blogs can still get some offers just not the volume as before. 

Though starting this year I noticed I couldn’t accept or decline the task that’s been showing on a duplicate URL’s for one of my blogs. I tried to ignore the problem despite the tasks showing every other day until I had finally decided to address my issues with my duplicate blog URL. I thought the problem got fixed when the URL was suspended and now the task is showing again on the duplicate URL which is not working. 

Its very frustrating when someone replied that I can delete the URL in my account wherein there is no delete button at all. How can I reach $50 with my payments when I can no longer get any tasks to work with? Well, I am planning to delete all of my blogs with that publishing site and call it quits. This year has been really slow when it comes to my blog income compared to last year. In fact, I only got my payment once from my favorite publishing site this year.

Charles Has Been Sleeping In His Own


August 12, 2013

Starting this month, Charles has been sleeping in his own bed and he’s doing good at it. Though I miss him laying in my arm before he goes to sleep at night but when he wakes up in the morning he always climbs up in our bed and sleeps for a couple more hours. I wish I could sleep just like Charles, and my husband, Doug who always sleep all night. Unlike me, last night is one of those nights wherein I couldn’t get any sleep at all. It was about 3 am when I saw an email regarding my domain registration about to expired so I got up and spent time working on the computer. I never realized google made some changes how to access control panel so I could edit my billing accounts and made some updates. 

Thankfully, after two hours I finally figured it out and it was about 5 in the morning when I went back to bed wide awake. Still I couldn’t sleep I had decided to take 3 Melatonin to help me fall asleep for a couple of hours. Sleeping has always been my problem no matter how I take sleeping pills before I go to bed at night. Instead of taking any sleep aids at night I just would rather not take anything. 

Finding A Way To Get Exercise In A Busy Lifestyle


August 7, 2013

Well my husband, Doug’s summer vacation is almost over. It has been a great summer with a trip to visit my sister’s-in-law, attended a wedding and then had my sister’s-in-law visiting last weekend. Charles has loved having his dad around every day and overall things have been almost perfect. Doug though starts back to school next week with a week of professional development and then classes following the week after. Doug has a real busy schedule as a teacher and as a wrestling coach. 

With Doug’s health issues it is really important that he keeps busy and finds a way to work exercise into his daily regime. Of course coaching helps as he is active on the mat but he needs an edge even with his coaching. That is where a guy like Scott Gelbard has excelled as well.  Whether it be coaching a sport, going to the gym or having an active lifestyle guys like Doug and Scott have found the key to a happy and health life.

Charles Thinks It Is His Birthday


August 5, 2013

When my sister’s-in-law called me when they are on their way down here, Charles was worried because he thought it was his birthday and we have not decorated yet. Every day, Charles thinks it is his birthday even though I already told him that his birthday is less than two months away. Of course, he is very excited and he wants Mickey Mouse d├ęcor on his birthday. He also wants to eat at Chuck E. Cheese’s, and play Mini Golf at Golf Mountain. He just love playing golf so he recorded the British Opens on the DVR. 

Charles also really wants the Paul Menard #27 NASCAR, though we already have it. He also wants a red wagon and a #2 Brad Keselowski Cake, his favorite NASCAR driver. We also hope to get his Geico #13 NASCAR in time for his birthday as Doug has preordered it but it has not been released yet. Charles had a great weekend with his Aunts visiting and it will be even better when they come back for his birthday next month.