What A Productive Day


July 1, 2013

What a productive day for the 3 of us. Doug got his eye checkup today and it turned out very well. The optometrist used a new machine to take in-depth scans of Doug’s eyes.  These showed the health of the eye and great for Doug he did not have to get his eyes dilated. Thankfully, Doug has insurance as it is way too expensive to buy a new pair of eye glasses. I never have had my eyes checked as I refused to have them checked while I was covered on my husband’s vision plan.

I would love to get covered again and get them checked as maybe that would help with my occasional migraines. I am not getting any younger and getting sick has been having my eyes hurt each month. Its also difficult for me when I'm not feeling very well and Charles wants to play outside and I do not feel well enough to go outside and play with him. With Charles growing up so fast, I want to spend all the time I can with my baby.


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