I Am Flooded With Unwanted Phone Calls


July 24, 2013

A few days ago, one of my Yahoo Mail accounts got hacked. I only noticed it when I checked my iPhone and saw a couple of unsent messages and one email from Yahoo account services. When I opened my account on Yahoo I had to enter a security question and changed my password right away. With my account being hacked of course I am worried.

Some of my emails contained very personal information with my 1099 Miscellaneous Income for Tax purposes. Aside from sending emails to all of my contacts I also noticed I am flooded with unwanted phone calls every day. It is very annoying so I changed my ring tone to the people that I talk to most of the time and ignore the calls with different tones.

I know Doug is right I should get a new phone as my contract is up but I don’t feel like getting a new one at this time. Buying a new phone will give me the opportunity to change my number but this doesn’t mean I couldn’t get anymore unwanted phone calls. For now, I am happy with my iPhone and I will stick with it. Once I drop it again maybe I will get a new one even though I know how to fix a broken screen.


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