I Actually Drove The Car


July 13, 2013

Thank God for the perfect weather we had today. I actually drove the car going to WalMart and back home. Though I was very nervous behind the wheel when I saw a couple of cars coming my way. At least when I was on the traffic lights there was no cars in front of me and I got the green light signal. Well today is Krispy Kreme’s 76th Birthday and they are offering, buy a dozen, get a dozen for 76 cents only. That’s a good deal especially since I like Krispy Kreme glazed doughnuts. 

But unfortunately doughnuts don’t sound good to me right now and my boys don’t need to eat too much sweets. I am not very controlling of what my boys can eat. Protecting their health issues is what I am worried about that my husband is diabetic and I don’t want Charles to be diabetic his whole life. It’s hard not to be able to eat what my husband loves to eat and it makes him feel very sad.


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