Happy And Proud On What He Does


July 26, 2013

Over the last two days now Charles has been doing Fun to Color, and Fun to Cut all by himself. As a mom its hard for me seeing Charles cutting papers as he might cut his fingers. It’s also difficult for him to have a grip of the scissors as he is left handed. Though watching him makes me very happy knowing Charles is very happy and proud on what he does. With Charles being left handed I am having a hard time teaching him how to write his name as well. 

Sometimes I struggle with letting him fail and want to do everything for him. Doug says and he is right that sometimes you have to fail to learn.  That is pretty hard though for a mom to see her child fail. Just yesterday, I taught Charles how to drive his bicycle without training wheels and I am more scared than him. I’m sure he’ll learn how to drive before the end of this month. Today it was raining so we didn’t go outside.

 Though Charles has been wanting to go outside when it is raining so he can jump in the muddy puddles which we never have in our yard. Well can you believe July is almost over? What have you been doing on your summer break so far? I’m sure you are all enjoying your summer break before the school year begins. As for me, I try to live my life one day at a time and look forward to a new day. 

My son, Charles is growing up too fast and spending more time with him is all I can do before he goes to kindergarten. Sending him to school would definitely a problem for Charles and I as we have never been apart for a longer period of time. Every time I will say to Charles that I am going to miss you when you go to school Charles always says; why can’t you be a teacher which makes me laugh. Just like when I said; you were inside my tummy when you were little and Charles said; why did you eat me?

Business Startup Lawyer

Just last week my husband, Doug’s good friend Joe and his family relocated from the Philadelphia area to Raleigh, North Carolina. Joe is starting his own graphics business and found a great opportunity there. Joe was really interested in finding a good raleigh business startup lawyer and Doug helped him in his research. Luckily Joe was successful and his business will open in just a couple of weeks.

I Am Flooded With Unwanted Phone Calls


July 24, 2013

A few days ago, one of my Yahoo Mail accounts got hacked. I only noticed it when I checked my iPhone and saw a couple of unsent messages and one email from Yahoo account services. When I opened my account on Yahoo I had to enter a security question and changed my password right away. With my account being hacked of course I am worried.

Some of my emails contained very personal information with my 1099 Miscellaneous Income for Tax purposes. Aside from sending emails to all of my contacts I also noticed I am flooded with unwanted phone calls every day. It is very annoying so I changed my ring tone to the people that I talk to most of the time and ignore the calls with different tones.

I know Doug is right I should get a new phone as my contract is up but I don’t feel like getting a new one at this time. Buying a new phone will give me the opportunity to change my number but this doesn’t mean I couldn’t get anymore unwanted phone calls. For now, I am happy with my iPhone and I will stick with it. Once I drop it again maybe I will get a new one even though I know how to fix a broken screen.

I Actually Drove The Car


July 13, 2013

Thank God for the perfect weather we had today. I actually drove the car going to WalMart and back home. Though I was very nervous behind the wheel when I saw a couple of cars coming my way. At least when I was on the traffic lights there was no cars in front of me and I got the green light signal. Well today is Krispy Kreme’s 76th Birthday and they are offering, buy a dozen, get a dozen for 76 cents only. That’s a good deal especially since I like Krispy Kreme glazed doughnuts. 

But unfortunately doughnuts don’t sound good to me right now and my boys don’t need to eat too much sweets. I am not very controlling of what my boys can eat. Protecting their health issues is what I am worried about that my husband is diabetic and I don’t want Charles to be diabetic his whole life. It’s hard not to be able to eat what my husband loves to eat and it makes him feel very sad.

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What A Productive Day


July 1, 2013

What a productive day for the 3 of us. Doug got his eye checkup today and it turned out very well. The optometrist used a new machine to take in-depth scans of Doug’s eyes.  These showed the health of the eye and great for Doug he did not have to get his eyes dilated. Thankfully, Doug has insurance as it is way too expensive to buy a new pair of eye glasses. I never have had my eyes checked as I refused to have them checked while I was covered on my husband’s vision plan.

I would love to get covered again and get them checked as maybe that would help with my occasional migraines. I am not getting any younger and getting sick has been having my eyes hurt each month. Its also difficult for me when I'm not feeling very well and Charles wants to play outside and I do not feel well enough to go outside and play with him. With Charles growing up so fast, I want to spend all the time I can with my baby.